Tuesday, October 18, 2011

24..I mean 25 weeks!

 I will be 25 weeks tomorrow. So I am a little late on my 24 week update and pictures.

This week was a wonderful week. I felt full of energy, and life all week long! It feels soooooo good, to feel good. I think it's so easy to take that for granted sometimes. But after the beating I took this summer, I will always hold a special place for "well-being" in my little heart! ;-)

The baby is doing great, and getting bigger. I can now feel his/her little hiccups stronger and more frequently. It's so cute! Lots and lots of movement regularly, and very strongly. The baby is the size of an eggplant this week. -- Hm, one day I will learn how to cook those. 
24 Weeks (new haircut too!)


I'm about 400% sure that we hit a growth spurt this past week(and half). I haven't gained any weight since my last doctors visit 4 weeks ago, but my belly has gotten bigger! ... Maybe my butt has gotten smaller? PSH!
Oh, speaking of.... I signed up at a new gym by my work, and it's pretty much the best thing EVER. I haven't run outside all week, and really didn't want to. So I decided it's time to start considering other means of work outs. And, boy oh boy, have I? In 7 days I've worked out 5 of them. Which may be a large part of why I feel so great! My new work out plan includes30-45 minutes of cardio whether biking, climbing stairs, running, or even walking in the neighborhood about 5 days a week. I try to include 2-3 of those days with prenatal pilates. OUCH! I took a full hour of spin class yesterday. It feels good to do a solid hour of cardio, including intervals! I can't get that with running right now, so I feel like I'm better off. I miss running out side, and all of that, but I really need the work out instead of the scenery. I will be attempting to do the Tulsa Run in a few weeks. It's a 5k. Yay for feeling good, and good enough to get those endorphines flowing!!!

Something else I've noticed, along with my restless leg syndrome...I was laying in bed, with jumpy legs one night, and my foot around my big toe, starts tingling and almost pricking me. I ask Scott to rub it 3 or 4 days later it's swollen and bruised feeling.  I haven't been running, so I can't imagine that it's work out related. The impact to my feet has been minimal in that sense. I have a friend/client, who is a P.A. for an orthopedic surgeon- So I ask her last night if it's possible to injure my foot with out doing anything to it. She says it is, and explains further what it could be, and pretty much there is nothing I can do. LAME!  So I'm not sure if it's pregnancy/swelling/weight gain induced or what, but it sucks!

I see my doctor tomorrow, so we will just see what he has to say. I also get to take the "diabetes/glucose" test tomorrow. Swallow a cup of sugar, and get poked with needles. yay? I didn't do this test with Anisten, so it's all new to me. 

I definitely am thankful for my energy this week, it's been a busy one! Hence, the reason this post is almost a week late!


  1. Tastes like orange soda syrup...literally. :)

  2. If you got by without doing the glucose test with Anisten, can't you skip out again? It's just for gestational diabetes, which you shouldn't be much at risk for with your healthy lifestyle.