Wednesday, November 16, 2011

28 Weeks-Well, 29 now!

Today makes me 29 weeks.  I kept thinking during the week, I really need to blog my 28th week. And then, well....Life happened.

What's new? Other than the fact that ICE is a new food group in my eyes, and I am sleeping like junk.... not much has changed.

People are starting to ask when I'm due, which is other words for " you're getting big!" You have to really be showing for people to feel confident enough to ask a pregnant when you're pregnant. I keep saying I'm bigger, faster with this one. But I think I've narrowed it down to I'm bigger in my belly only. I have learned about this belly band that you can put over your jeans/pants to hold them up and conceal the fact that they are unbuttoned, that has been a dream! I can wear my own jeans. My legs and butt would have never fit in my (close to) regular pants at 30 weeks with A.  THANK YOU SPIN CLASS!!!!! I am rockin' lots of tights, and tunics. I just had to buy a size bigger, and they fit great! My maternity jeans and clothes that I had with Anisten, just don't fit me yet. My chest is smaller, as well. So over all, I'm okay with being "bigger" in the belly.

Sleep. It's getting hard to come by these days. I mean, I really only have 11 (or less) weeks left, so I guess it's just that time. I toss and turn, and have to keep my baby on his/her own pillow now. I have to get up to pee and eat 5 times a night. Just that time.

I am loving the little body parts though! I've gotten pretty good at figuring out where this little guy/girl keeps certain body parts. I think downward facing dog is among his/her favorite poses. In my right side.

I go to the doctor tomorrow, and after that will start the bi-weekly check ups! OMG where did this pregnancy go?

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