Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week 22-MOVE UP!

I think this baby is growing at a more rapid pace, and I'm feeling stronger movements sooner,so I'm not sure if its' a 2nd time thing or what.... It seems like the baby is still pretty low compared to when I felt Anisten this strong/frequently. By the time she was moving this much and strong, she was well up to and over my belly button. This little one is still a smidge under my belly button(which has fully popped!).

I know that I've heard, which tends to be true from what I've seen, that boys are carried lower than girls. I didn't start showing with Anisten until she was so high up, so I've only known to carry HIGHER. I'm not sure if the combination of showing earlier, with the stronger movements is just making me protrude lower than usual, or if there is a ( i say very slight!) chance that this might be a boy?!

I've had a strong intuition from the beginning that I would have another girl. 2 girls! Of course I'd be extremely ecstatic with a little boy! I've already had girl dreams, and just feel like it might be a girl. But I can't deny that there are a few things that are a little different than they were at this stage.
I also have to look at the fact that I AM DIFFERENT. I'm a different person physically than I was 3 years ago. My starting weight was exactly, and I mean to the half pound, the same with both. The difference? I was just starting to run/work out regularly with Anisten, so my BMI was probably higher than this time around. I was in much much much better shape with very little fat (worked hard to keep what I had!) on my body this time around. I was running 30 miles a week, yoga 2-3 times a week, lifting 2 times a week. Definitely different than the first time! I'm also older. This could have to do with so many things too!

I'm eating differently. I still crave some of the same things - Not as strongly as the first- but don't have to indulge as much. Only a few times have I had that " I need this, and I need it NOW" moment.

Still very active, between a 2 year old, and running 3 times a week, Yoga 1-2 times my fitness level is pretty much still there. * I will say that running 4 miles with +17lbs and a kid that wont move up to release the pain of my sciatic nerve, makes me feel like I ran 10! It's almost 2 minutes a mile slower than what I was at before, but the effort is so much greater! I give mad props to anyone who stays active (besides"life") during pregnancy, it's a feat!
Speaking of running, I've run in to a wardrobe issue.... My regular tech (sweat wicking!) running shirts are still fitting me.....Until I run! I will not even get 10 minutes in to my run, and it is riding up over my belly button! I checked online, and found a few maternity work out shirts, that cost like $80 No, thanks. So, I thought to myself.. what's the most important thing about the shirt that I need. I don't like wearing cotton, it gets heavy when I sweat. I even sweat in the winter, so it's always an issue. I need it to stay down. I need it to keep me cool.
Ladies, and gentlemen, here is the solution to my problem......

I have about 400 race shirts that I never ever wear, because I don't wear tee shirts regularly, and certainly don't run in them! So I cut the arms off and down to almost my hips. This worked AMAZING!!!! The shirt is big enough that it allows air to get through to keep me cool, yet its small enough to hug my hips a little to stay put. Genius right? And, free! Don't judge!

Everything seems to be moving along just fine. I'm still feeling good! I have noticed that when I feel good, I feel GREAT. But it wears off a little sooner than usual. 

Now, if we  can just get this baby to MOVE UP!


  1. Haha I giggled at ur 2nd picture bc of ur face which goes hand in hand with the way u wrote the blog. Haha very cute. I can't believe how far along u are already. I just think u will be pregnant forever so I get blown away (in my mind) when I think about the fact that we just have to male it thru the holidays and BOOM! we have a baby!!! :)I can't wait to spoil her/him!

  2. I know, I was actually giggling a little when I took the picture! I took it to send to a friend, but I found it pretty comical! I know,I know, I keep telling myself this... Halloween will hit, and then baby. The holidays will FLY by and I'll be in January waiting to have a baby! I was thinking now is a good time to start working on the room. Gotta get to it!