Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lazy self entitlement gets you no where.

I just can't understand why some people are so entitled. Like the the whole world owes them something.

We have all been hurt. We've all went through hard time. We've all been a victim of some circumstance.

At some point, we've had to either make the choice to either get up and move forward with our life, make our choices, and have our own victories- Or change nothing, and expect everyone to pity us, and constantly live in a state of self pity and just accept the hand outs.

I chose the first. Guess what. IT'S HARD WORK. There's a word so many people are uncomfortable with. Work. It takes work to have success in anything! The benefit of success out weighs anything that might come from a place of pity.

I chose to grow learn and make different choices from my past hurts and mistakes. Instead of wallering in a puddle of entitled self pity.

Yes we need support from family and friends sometimes. And sometimes it's because of them that we got from point A to point B. But to sit back and expect everyone to give you hand outs and certain allowances just because they feel sorry for you is just down right wrong.

Now, this can translate to many other things as well. For the sake of politics I wont go in to "living off the government your entire life" part of the entitlement rant.

Because I may be going through a hard time in my life, does not in anyway give me the right to ever treat people with dis-respect and expect them to carry me for much longer than the initial boost of support! It doesn't give me the right to sit back and let everyone else do my dirty work while I do nothing.

The victim roll is only valid for a short amount of time. Earn some respect from yourself, and others by getting up off your rear and making life choices that will only further you down the road of success......Instead of expecting someone to carry on their back.

This is something I see so much of, and it bothers me to no end. I can empathize with people who are in hard times. I can. But I can not understand not making changes to make my situation different, instead of just wondering why I'm doing circles, and pushing people away-- We can only drain people so much.

Stop being emotionally lazy! Face it. Fix it.

I thought maybe if I blogged about it, and took a look at it that it would get it off my chest. I have to be respectful and considerate of others' feelings. I don't want to intentionally ever offend people. But the truth (which a lot of people know nothing about) be told, people who aren't facing the issues, are the ones the most easily offended! And are the most offensive to those around who want to help.

Work hard for those relationships, that job, the family- whatever it is they are worth it! If nothing else is earned for the hard efforts, self respect and self worth is.

This means concoction of selflessness, TRUTH, and hard work are involved. Some things in life can not just be handed to you. Self respect and worth included.

We can't act one way, and expect the results we say we want.

I want to be skinny and healthy----if I sit around eating twinkies watching all my children all day I'll never be either of the two.

I have to look at myself in the mirror, face the truth, and then fix it.

I've learned that no one owes me anything! If I am a certain way, it's because of choices I've made! I do not expect someone else to make me happy, or skinny, or content, or healthy----- These are all things I can chose to change. Somethings in life I can not, and do not have control of. That's called life! What I do have control of is the way I CHOOSE to deal with it. And then do just that. DEAL WITH IT. Sitting it on the back burner will only make me emotionally lazy, fat and unhealthy!

End rant.


  1. Glad I'm not the only one who has an entire label dedicated to rants :)

  2. I try so hard not to be "negative" with out reason. But some things just wont go out of my head! LOL.