Monday, September 19, 2011

BUMP cancer! - Race for Cure 2011

Let me first of say this ... I have been back to running after sickness, and horrible summer heat for probably about 3-4 weeks. I have just been running with lots of walk breaks, and lots of water, and not really caring or paying much attention to time and pace-- So going in to this 5k run, I had no expectations. I was not out there to set any kind of records, for sure! I would have liked to finish before 40 minutes, because, I knew I could at the least do that!
Never did I think I'd actually be able to run the entire thing in under 32 minutes! 5 months pregnant! 

I'm positive that had I run it alone, I would have stopped and walked or slowed way down thinking " I should just take it easy" I ran with out an ipod, as I usually do, side by side with my bestie's husband! It was his first, and he hasn't run in, well I don't know when, but a really long time! So he was not chatty Cathy, and I just needed someone to kind of keep me accountable, and it worked! For both of us. We were happy to finish in a respectable time, as a first timer, and a pregnant girl!

We ran for an amazing cause. That is to raise awareness about breast cancer, and hopefully find a cure to get rid of it all together! So, while we had great fun showing our team spirit, the matter of the fact is still very serious! The statistics of women having and getting breast cancer are not only outrageous, but rising!

It's very inspiring to see all the survivors there walking and running the races!

Congrats to my bestie for her ah-may-zing PR!!! She set a goal of Sub 28 minute 5k (which by the way is 4 minutes faster than last years goal) and she got it! This is so exciting as a runner to set and exceed goals! Now, I'm still talking her in to training for a full marathon next year... I think it's sinking in, that SHE CAN DO IT! ;-)

Now, on to our team spirit attire...which was a blast to put together!

My friend Melissa  and I got together a few weeks ago, to work on some "team shirts" and attire. We certainly found that I should stick to painting faces, and hair- Not Tshirts. She, however, did a phenomenal job!
Our "team name" was Hakuna ma TA TAs! 

Me-MILKMAKER, Andrea-DOUBLE A's, Melissa-MELons, Jasmyn- JUGS
We each had our own name on our Jerseys. In great fun, it was all related to some sort of "breast" term! Incorporated with us.
Add some cute ribbons for our hair....
And, some awesome tube socks to complete our look!

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