Thursday, January 21, 2010

My 2nd Cake!

Ashtin is having another birthday party for her friends. I decided that would be another great opportunity to practice. So I did. She is just having a party with some of her friends. So I decided not to do as large of a cake. I did a 6 inch bottom  ( I double stacked it ) with chocoate mouse filling, and a 4 inch white on the top.

I wanted to do something bright and girly. After attending Ashtin's first birthday celebration, I got a feel for what she really likes. Bright colors, flowers, peace signs, tide-dye.... You get the point.. Hippy dippy trippy. LOL. I haven't set the cake up to it's full potential yet, but wont until tomorrow, but I wanted to just post a few of the snap shots I took with my camera really quick.




  1. Wow!!! That is a beautiful cake.. You are good. I know who to call when need a perfect cake. What do you charge to do a cake?

  2. Thank you! It's my 2nd, and I'm learning with each one things to and not to do! I don't know yet what I would charge! As of now until I get a little better, probaby just enough ( maybe a little more) for the products. Which are kind of expensive. It's a lot of time. But if I had to guess that cake ( if it were done by a real baker) would probably cost like $50 or so. When you need one let me know ( IN ADVANCE ) and I can let you know by what your needing about how much. :-)

  3. P.s. I wouldn't charge $50 for that cake! I just re read my comment and it looks like that's what I'm implying. I would say probaly $25 ish or so.