Thursday, January 28, 2010

Womens Job to feel GUILTY?

I was listening to my radio in the car the other day and the 2 girls were on there talking about various topics. One that they were talking about kinda hit home with me. I'm not sure if it's just b/c I'm a women, or if it's my personality.

They were talking about women feeling guilty ALL the time!

How is it that I can't sit down and watch an hour or tv knowing that I need to vaccuum, or fold the laundry, with out feeling a mountain load of GUILT.

Does this have to do with my genetic make up? Or is it the role of responsibility I have taken on?

Any thoughts?


  1. I'm not sure either. I think its more in our make-up than it is what we choose or choose not to take on. Maybe a form of evolution, if we didnt feel that way, nothing would ever be clean and we'd all die from disease. Lol.

    The baby legs in my header, I made those from a pair of women's adult socks that I got from walmart... and then the tights shes wearing in her nine month pictures are also from walmart. I really dont shop there that often but sometimes i find some great things! :)

    And my floors.... she's like a little mop, thats how I keep them clean. Hee hee. I'm joking. I vacuuum once a day, with my Germ Gaurdian in the canister position. Then I spot clean as needed and I *try* to mop weekly-ish.

  2. I agree, that if we didn't take on the responsibility of LIFE we would all die from disease. Good thinking. haha!

    Baby legs .. You sew them? Please do share!? I'm so excited to know how you do them. It's still really cold here. What size clothes are Riley wearing? We are still in like 6-9 ish.

    I am thinking of getting the shark steam cleaner and using the vaccum on a daily basis and then mopping every other week or so, and just swiffering in between. I have 2 dogs, so with it being so wet and stuff out, they keep my floors kinda dirty. Even if I mop once a week I would still have to swiffer during the week.