Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Now til April

I'm thinking about Anisten's 1st birthday

Liam's 0th birthday

What happens after she turns one- What this means for me

Planning a birthday party

There is so much exciting-ness going on right now! From this month to April ( and beyond) we have so many great things coming up!

I'm thinking about what I'm going to do for Anisten's first birthday. I don't think I'll do any " theme " this year. I think by time she is 7 I'll be sick of Dora, princesses, and elmo! LOL. So I figure this year, we'll just do something girly. Like maybe " April flowers", or just pink and zebra stripes or something like that. I'm thinking of doing family and close friends for her first. Then next year doing a party with a bunch of kids around her age and such. I'm not sure just yet. We'll probably just do it here at the house, maybe a cook out with all of the family on both sides or something. So even just family and close friends will be lots of peeps!

Scott has a birthday coming up soon. I'm working on getting that together at Savastanos.

Melissa's baby shower is also in February. I'm having fun working on THIS too!! So many cute ideas. I must say that after almost 2 years of shopping for girls stuff and skipping over the little boy stuff, it's hard to retrain my eye!! But never the less, it's fun!

After April, we'll begin to wean Anisten to drink ( organic whole) cow's milk. Little at a time I will switch her over. What does this mean for me? No more pumping. No more having a set amount of time before I get extremely un comfortable. No more clogged ducts.... It also means, my baby is growing up. She is more self sufficient. She will need me ( in that way) less. It means that little at a time she will gain her independence.  This I'm both happy and sad about. I understand why people want to " mother " or " baby " their kids beyond the point of HEALTHY.  If you're built with that natural motherly instinct, as most women are, you just want to hold on. But I know and understand this is all part of a process. I would much rather be heart broken and sad that my baby is growing up, than have a very dependant, incapable child. For her sake, we have to let her grow up.  She will more than likely be walking all over the place by time April rolls around. Goooooooo Anisten!! Big girl!

Liam Clyde Collis will make his entrance in to the world sometime in the month of April. We're thinking that he may not quite wait until his estimated arrival time, but sometime in the 2nd or 3rd week of April we will have a little BOY in our life! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!! And he will be very close for extra little lovins. I'll get my little boy fix :)

So with in the next few months, we have lots of excitement coming our way! yahoooo!

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