Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Man Bashing


We are still watching the LOVE AND RESPECT series. And one ( of the sooooo many) things that reallly hit home with me, is that we are such MAN HATERS! Listen women, we are NOT better than men. We are just different.

It goes all though me when I hear women, epecially wives about their husbands, bash on men. I understand that their way of thinking and their make up is completely different than ours. Does that make them worst or lesser equals than us? Absolutely not!

We must honor our men and respect them. This is blood to their heart, like gas is to a car. They absolutely have to have respect. If you aren't respecting your husband, or man kind in general you're in the wrong. Period. Men are willing to DIE for us. For their country, their kids... IT's the way they are wired. They deserve to be respected. When you are putting them down, ESPECIALLY in front of other people ( even in a kidding manner) you have no idea what you're doing to him.

Respect your man for the man he is. And you will be pleasantly surprised at the response you will get from him. The sooner we learn ( myself included) this the happier we'll be. I am guilty of this. I think it's just something we've kinda been taught- " oh it's becuase he's a man" --- "  Oh, that's just the testostorone " -- " I do it better because I'm a women"  ..... These are statements that may be true, but that doesn't make them less of a person. There are plenty of things that men can do way better than me. And I"m ok with it!

I am by all means not saying that men are perfect, and that there aren't men who don't do this same thing to women, b/c there are-- I'm just saying maybe adjust the over-all view you have for men ( or your husband) and watch what you say - ESPECIALLY in front of your children! One day your daughter will marry a man, and one day your SON will be one.

Men are very EGO driven. Just the way they are, it will never change, so we must embrace it. What am I saying? --- Stroke his ego. Tell him what a great job he did, how much he is appreciated. Thank him for being such a hard worker, and a strong father. THank him for taking out the trash. Even if he doesn't do it as often as you'd like. Instead of being bitter with him, just thank him for the times that he does. This will energize him to want to " please " you more, and will probably start taking out the trash more often ( or whatever it may be )

This here is a touchy subject, but I'll just touch on it a little becuase I just feel like I should- But Scott and I were talking about " office affairs " and why they seem to happen so much. Coming from my husbands mouth he says " I think it's becuase the women at the office have such a 'respect' for men in authority, and the position they hold'' I was just shocked b/c that makes since!! Men are made to work. They are workers! And it's what they do well!! So, he goes to work, bust his butt so that we can have food, and the things that we need. He's providing. Only to come home and get chewed out for working too late, or not doing enough around the house or not calling etc....  I really thought about this and just came to the realization that men need repect. Period. So women.... respect your husband. =)

I definitely believe in equal opportunity for men and women. Please don't think that I'm saying MEN are better than WOMEN, but that also doesn't mean that we are better than them. Lets just focus on working on ourselves and the things we need to improve, instead of trying to fix them, and try to make them like us. 

We want men to step up and be the head of the house hold, to take care of us. This is the way they are designed and created. Let them do it. Give them the chance, and then thank them for it. Again, you'll be surprised.

I hope that I didn't offend anyone, and if I did, then let me know, and I will make sure that you don't see anymore of my post! LOL. Jk, but I do hope that I may have opened someones eyes like mine were opened.

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