Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas with Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad came in town for the weekend. The baby got lots more gifts! She got a xylophone, an electronic book, a very cute outfit from Rachel, some books a blanket, a phone, a new movie ( snow white) and a few other goodies.

She's been very good this weekend, since our schedule has been all out of whack! We will start back in January and Febuary on a schedule. She does so well with one, that I want to make sure we are implementing it. But with the holidays, family, dinners etc, it's been so hard to do that for her. We'll get back there.

Scott and I got some new things too! I got a juicer ( which I've wanted for so long!) It's one of those things that I wanted, but didn't want to buy. There are plenty of more important things to get for my kitchen. But now I have one! Thanks Bro. -- Rachel got me some eucalyptus and spearmint (YUMMMMMY!) items from the " tranquil " or " relaxing" stuff from bath and body works. Along with some foot soak. Oh, does she ever know how to get a gift for a new mommy!! Scott got some new oakleys from mom! I got a SEWING MACHINE!! I was a little timid at the thought of having a sewing machine for the mear fact that I don't know how to use one. But I might be able to take some classes, or something and realize all the CRAFTS I can do with it. So I'm really excited to have it! Especially since I love to do alot of these things I've never done in the past. I think once I become acquainted with it, I will LOVE it! I've already got ideas for next years christmas gifts! HEHE....

We ate at copelands last night instead of gumbo. It was good, but it aint mama's cooking! But we'll do gumbo 101 next time. I'll learn eventually!

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