Friday, January 22, 2010

Irony of hairdressing

The house keepers house is always dirty.

The irony here is, I work 4 days a week to make other women ( and some men) beautiful! -- I have had my hair colored one time since October. And I've had it cut once since August. I would be all over my clients if they waited this long!

In my defense, I will say that Im doing more of the " natural " color thing. It's been a while since I have had something close to my natural. I'm actually kind of enjoying now HAVING to keep it up every 3 weeks. And it's getting healthier.

I just think that it's so funny that I'm a hair dresser and my hair is last on the list to be done! -- I am going to day to take care of that! LOL. I will be seeing Jaclyn at work to get it touched up. I still won't do too much to have to maintain.

I like this side of the spectrum. I know I have lots of friends who are religious every 6 weeker, and I have some that just get it done a time or 2 a year and have been natural color forever. So I like to play around with the differences. This time last year it was super blonde, and even BLONDER in the summer with my whole under layer hot pink.

I know I have a few hairdresser friends on here that might get a little laugh out of this. And I constantly am getting compliments on my hair, so I would never admit that I haven't spent much time on it!

These are the most recent pics I have of my hair. Which nothing changed from one to another. I also think it's funny that in both pics, I have a child in my arms! That's a whole other blog! LOL. I don't know the last pic I took with out her. hm.


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  1. I totally know what you mean! I was always liked that, even when I was working but its so bad now... people probably wouldnt believe I knew anything about hair. My hair is the longest it's been since before I took cosmetology classes though, hee hee!