Sunday, January 10, 2010

Good Morning!

Good Morning! --  I used to be more on the " judgemental " side of coffee drinkers. Like the ones who have to have 700 vente mocha lattes a day to function. Well maybe I still am a little. BUT I have decided to make yummy coffee part of my daily regimen. I quit drinking coke in exchange. You know me, I can't have that much caffine/sugar (etc) in ONE DAY! But I feel like coffee is a healthier choice anyways. I only have a cup some times 2 in a day.  But I don't put sugar and stuff in it. Every once in a while, I will add a little flavored creamer, and I feel like I'm having starbucks! WOOHOO!

But I now know why people love coffee. I'm totally getting to the point where I like different coffees, and want to try new ones and so on.
I am not a fan of the caffeine. I make my coffee 1/2 the coffee it calls for. I make it WEAK so to speak. And alot of times I do half caff coffee and decaff. I refuse to be too dependant on it. I started drinking it in the mornings in the hospital after I had Anisten. As you can imagaine, I was a bit TIRED! And mom and dad made it every day at my house for the next week, so I just started looking forward to it in the mornings... But NOW I just love it and look forward to it each day. Especially in the cold
I also think it's a great " social " thing. There is nothing like meeting a friend and having a cup of coffee. Or on the holidays having coffee in the mornings with all of your family. This is why we meet at coffee shops- It's a great social thing!!

I have always LOVED starbucks. But I've found something that suits me that is comparable.

Yep, that's right. MC DONALDS mc cafe's!!!! I love the iced coffees. I haven't tried their hot ones. But I just get a caramel or vanilla iced coffee. And I LOVE it! I have tried the Iced Mocha and it was good too. A little too sweet for every day. I like the favored iced coffee's for the summer mornings. So if you haven't tried Mc Donalds coffees,  HIGHLY reccommend it!

Coffee lovers? Where are you? And what's your take on it?

Hope you're having a great morning!


  1. i LOVE coffee.. but for the flavor not the kick! even though that helps! :) I use nonfat liquid creamer and a smidge of sugar. thats my favorite way to drink it! Also.. i have a Keurig coffee pot (sp?) so you just drop your little cup in and it makes one cup at a time.. its fantastic!! :)

  2. Oh Mindi! I would love one of those single cup makers! I just got a new one on black friday and it's really nice, but isn't a single cup one. But I've got it pretty well figured out that if I make just enough I can have a cup while I'm getting ready and I can take some with me and there is little left over. :-)