Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow day

I know everyone is FRETTING about the snow day. I know it's nothing I can change unless I change my location...

I will do my best to stay positive about it.I know that it's " bad for business" and such. I understand that. But I also thing it's great when you are FORCED ( so to speak)  to kinda hide away from the world. Maybe make a large bowl of soup, have friends or family over to play games or watch movies. Just relax some.

By all means after day 2 and my house is spotless, all my craft projects are done, food cooked for the next 2 years, i'm ready to get out! But I think that it might be God's way of just saying. " Be still "

The neighborhood I live in, is like living 15 years ago. The kids are going to be out in the snow all day long sledding. I drive through and there are snowmen all over the place. I know that it's hard for Mom and Dad to take time off to be home with them, but we should feel blessed to have just a few days off with our kids. They wont be that way for long.

I still get a little excited when I hear the weather people broadcasting winter weather, or even strong storms and such. I'm not MORBID or anything like that, but in my deep down sub conscience I'm holding on to what it felt like 15 years ago to hear that news! It was exciting, and we got to get out of our every day routine and our schedule. We got to sleep in, and do board games or whatever.

So I know that the economy SUCKS right now, and that this is a hit, TRUST ME I KNOW! -- But please if you are home with your family and snowed in a little, take advantage of it. Enjoy the ones you love. It's not forever.

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