Thursday, January 7, 2010

9 months old!

What a fun age!

Yesterday my baby girl turned 9 months old.

She is now eating like a big girl! We still " smash " up her food. We do seasonal veggies and fruit. Now we do meats like chicken, turkey, ham. I like to get her meat from whole foods. I cook it with a little butter, maybe some garlic powder to season it up a little. We just give her little chunks and she loves it! She's eating 2-3 big girl meals a day with a little snacking in between on her cheerios. We just started her on yogart. I'm excited b/c this is her first introduction to cows milk! So far she seems to be LOVING it. I don't know if I can think of anything that she doesn't like though.  Still nursing 4-6 times a day as well.

She is very mobile. She can stand and walk along things like furniture. She can sit down now, instead of PLOPPING down. She will pick things up from a standing position. Her P.A.T. teacher says that these are signs of being on the verge of WALKING!!!!!!! She is now going from one piece of furniture to another. And I'll randomly catch her standing briefly un assisted! She's a big girl. I don't know what she weighs, but probably around the 15l bs range. She's just moving right along now.

She is very much a mommy and daddy's baby right now. While she has a hard time seeing us go, or walking out of the room, sometimes- She does very well once we're gone. So she has a little bit of seperation anxiety which is totally normal at this age. But she still does just great when we're gone! Happy as EVER! She's very friendly. She'll talk and play with anyone who will look. So in resturaunts and such she gets lots of attention.

 Still no toofers yet. Which I'm not really complaining... But I hate to see her in pain on days that she is teething :-(

She is very smart. She is in to this " discovering " phase. She likes to dig in other words. This is a sign of intellegence so I'm not complaining, but I do have to be on top of my game and make sure she can't dig in something that I haven't child proofed yet. Her favorite is her diaper bag. It will entertain her for a while. I also just put all of her toys in a basket or box and she likes to pull them all out. Sometimes we play games like hide the ball. She's very good at finding it under a cup and she will even give it back to me to hide again.

We really enjoy being home with her. She is so interactive that there is never a dull moment.
Shes a great napper. Since the holidays, we've been a little out of wack, but she seems to be making a new schedule for herself. I'm trying to drop her 3rd nap of the day, but some days she just really needs it. And she is sleeping 12 hour nights so either way she does great. It's just nice to have that open time in the evening for events and such. But since we'll be slower in the next month or so, it shouldn't be a problem if she still likes to take it.

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