Monday, January 4, 2010

A healthy vow.

A fellow blogging mommy that I follow posted a pledge to be healthy! I like these simple guide lines that I thought I'd post it for my mommy friends to check out. I'm all about teaching and leading by example. 

* If I wouldn't let my children eat it, I won't eat it myself.
   This includes cigarettes! Alcohol, in moderation for special occassions is

I will exercise at least 30 minutes each day. 
   Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. :)
    (Exercise = Anything that gets your heart pumping!)

* I will not talk bad about my body, especially in front of my children.
    Not only does talking bad about your body hurt yourself, it can teach your
    children to do the same thing to themselves!

* I will encourage and support other Healthy Mommies
    Comment on each others' blogs, post tips, share information, etc!

We can NOT teach our children something that we don't believe or better yet live. I think this includes healthy eating, sleeping, and exercise habits. We can't expect them to do something ( or not do something) if we aren't living it our self. I love how it talks about talking about your body. Like she says, it not only is damaging to yourself, but you are teaching your child ( especially girls) to do the same. Like " it's normal to not like my tummy or legs (etc) because Mommy doesn't"  As girls we all have issues with our bodies, but I think that they can be cut down tremendously if we're implimeting all of these ( exercise, healthy eating habits and such) and just to not get in the habit of dis liking the way we look.

I like the  if I wouldn't eat it, then why let my child eat it. Very good rule of thumb!!!!!!

So, as I myself will work on these things, I challenge you to think about your lifestyle too, and see if there is any room to wiggle some of these healthy choices in!

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  1. these are great tips! especially for child in womb cause when i eat it...he eats it too! Do we consider 2 bowls of cinnamon toast crunch a day a bad thing? LOL