Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tulsa Run

I've always enjoyed jogging for exercise and "destressing". In the past I've only ever just done an average of 2-3 miles on a regular basis. (( This is pre pregnancy and pre baby)).

After Anisten was born I began to run in the fall a little more and did the race for the cure which is a 5k (3 miles) that was about my comfortable limit.

I have decided that this year I would like to kick it up a notch and go for the Tulsa Run. Which is a 15K and around 8-9 miles! So I would indeed have to train and train hard for something like this.

I ask my friend Amber if she would be willing to train with me and she was GAME. So we're going to do it.
What in my right mind makes me want to do something like this you ask? Hm, I ask myself the same thing. But  I guess not only to get in and stay in shape, but I want to go through the training. I want that sense of self accomplishment. That pride that I pushed myself and got motivated for a GOAL and achieved it. So we'll see. I would like to start mild training soon. Atleast get back up to where I was before the baby came along. and then amp it up from there.

This will definitely be a lifestyle change all the way around. It's going to include early morning runs ( maybe evening too) and a diet change - For me this means ADDING lots of protein so I don't lack or loose too much weight -- This means I will be forced to spend more time on myself or with myself.

I think the benefits of this will be great a healthy (physically and mentally) and happy momma and wife, who can pride herself on a huge accomplishment!!

I'll be updating randomly about it once I actually start training and that way I'll have a log so to speak of my achievements.

I will thank you for your support!!


  1. I haven't really ever ran in my life. Before I got pregnant, Hubby and I would go to a track and I had started but I could seriously only run 1/4 mile at a time! I feel like if I trained and ran in any type of competition like that, it would be one of my biggest accomplishments. Good luck! :)

  2. you should! Just do some 5k ( 3 mile ) walk/runs! Like Breast Cancer Awareness, or there are ALL holiday runs! -- What city do you live in? I know it's cold where you are, but you should do some in the sping, I think you'd be surprised at the gratification you'd recieve. We have programs here, and they are specifically for moms ( strolling moms ) with babies. So you can not only get with a group of other moms with baby{'s in strollers} but it's a good social thing that you could take Riley with you.