Sunday, January 10, 2010

A sweet treat

My good buddy Melissa and I decided to have our hand at cake baking. Well really cake ( fondant ) decorating. And let me say I have so much respect for the amazing people who do this day in and day out. I had a blast doing it. I felt like a little kid playing in all the stuff. It was also just something new and fun to learn. I will admit that we weren't great at it ( Mel is way better than me with her hands!) but I can definetely see where practice and trial and error ( just like any other trade ) will make perfect! Or darn near close.

We started out with just one little cake and split it in half so it really looks like a really thick cookie.. You can't tell but the one that is purply is kind of marbled. It's really pretty, and would be cool if we did them in more bold colors like black and white, or red and white... The swirls were cool though. So we had enough batter to bake 4 of the small little cakes. We really just wanted to practice. And I'm glad we did, but by the time we got to the last one that we decorated, we had learned so much from the time that we started on the 1st one.

So the fondant is white and I have all the little gel colors to make any color you want. So we decided to do something fun and bright. We had no ambition, but to practice. I think if we have a " goal " or an idea of what kind of cake we want to do, that would keep us pretty focused. I will say that you have to come up with things as you decorate, b/c you'll maybe have a little tear here, or a little something that got rolled in the fondant or whatever. But you have to be on the creative side for sure!
So we started with the little yellow one, and took the left over fondant that we had and added red in to it, and made orange...

I like this pic b/c you can see melissa's baby bump is getting powdered!!

We decorated our yellow with dots, and made a little outter ring to go around the orange.. To give it a little, " Sun" effect.

And then we stacked them. We made a mini little 2 layer cake :-)

By all means it is not perfect, but we liked it! And we haven't tried it yet, but who cares what it tastes like!!!

I would love to contine to do this. I think it's a lot like doing hair. You just have to keep doing it to get better. I may look in to taking some classes or maybe a book or something to improve and educate myself a little more. Melissa isn't super keen on it, b/c she's a bit more of a perfectionist that I am. She gets irritated when it's not perfectly smooth! haha.. Which I can understand, since that's the point of FONDONT! So we shall see. We're gonna try some more styles later and see what we can come up with!

The baby decided that she would have her cookie while we played in the kitchen. Between that and the tv, she was pretty occupied. She napped a good part of the day as well.

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