Saturday, January 2, 2010

What a day!

I'm not sure I'm ready for this toddler stage! I got a glimpse of what it might be like soon. Anisten is now pulling up, or actually just standing up with assistance. She can walk around a table. She's becoming very interested in moving from one furniture piece to another.. What does this mean? It means, mama has to WATCH her every move!!!

Not only will she be taking her first step very soon, but it also means that she is in to everything ! She's a very curious baby. I know that it's normal at this age anyway to like to dig, and explore. But she goes the distance when she is interested in someting.

Yesterday was my very first dose of toddler-hood.

She's had a little diaper rash that has just been lingering, and I decided after none of the creams and such were working, to ask a well trusted friend what she thought... She says well it sounds like you just need some nakie time and baby powder. That was about a week ago, and we've been doing that every day and it's almost gone! When you have nakie time with a 9 month old cruiser, you're bound to have pee pee accidents. These happen pretty frequent, and I've become quite custom to them. Was I ready to pick my cute happy 9  month old baby girl up from the floor and find a #2 sitting under her?!?!?! NO WAY!!!!!!!! I was utterly schocked! In the bath tub we go.....

Later  I walked out of the room long enough to throw the close in the laundry room and she was on the oposite side of the room. I return in to the room 20 seconds later to her standing at my night stand with my coffee cup  ( from earlier with cold coffee) in her hand and shes trying to drink it. Well there is none left, because it's all over her and the table, and the floor. Yes, she probably enjoyed that coffee!

She finds this rubber maid storage thing that has the drawers in it, and she likes to hold on to it, and pull the drawers out etc..... She then starts to pull up on it. When I say pull up I mean, she's already in a standing position, and she pulls her whole body off the floor ( like chin ups) and her feet are no longer on the ground. I some how got a fuzzy quick shot of it, and before I finished taking the pic, the whole thing fell on top of her. This obviously isn't hurting her, as it's not very heavy and I was close by to help, but what if it were?!

We are getting things ready to go meet my mom and dad in town and I walked in the othr room to grab her bag and carseat to load her up and walk in to another mess! She had found a little pack of my chocolate covered pretzels that still had like  3 in there and had one in her mouth and the other 2 were chocolate-less... ( they were just the small little 100 cal packs) Her pretty new blue outfit she had on now had to be changed since it was blue and brown!

She fell last night playing with one of her toys and busted her lip. It was the 1st blood siting!

My oh my.......

So thinking about it, it sounds like I'm a very un attentive parent. I'm not at all! I just have a very FAST mobile curious baby! She'll be walking in no time... What will I do then!?

Just thought I'd share my day yesterday with you it's making me tired thinking about it! I wouldn't trade a single second of it for a day with out her in my life. I'm cherishing every moment!


  1. You are doing great!! I know how curious a kiddo can be... you feel like you can't leave the room for one second! We bought a really cool playpen for Anthony at this stage, so that he could have free reign over "his" area while I moved around the house and got stuff done. This way I didn't have to stress over what he was getting in to. :)

  2. Thanks. Which one is it? Send me the link to it if it's online somewhere! I'd LOVE something like that. She doesn't like to be restrained at all.