Monday, January 4, 2010

Chilvary... where are you hiding?

What happened to chilvary? Remember our grandma's telling us how things were back " in the day"  of how the men took care of the women, and how he had to walk 2 miles up hill both ways to " call on her " and such.....

I know that the way the world works is so much different now. Women have the right to work and most do, but what happened to that game of cat and mouse that we were all designed to play? I can remember growing up, that my grandma or aunt would always tell me, " let him call you " - "Let him come out here and pick you upl"
I was taught that I was worth it.
I now have a man who calls just to say he loves me. Or comes home for lunch on a long work day to see me. One who after  years of being together still holds my hand, gives me his coat, and opens my door.

But what happened to all of the other ones?!?! --------- I am just dumb founded when I am 13 months pregnants running in the rain to get in the door, and  a man just gets right in front of me to go first, or doesn't think to hold the door open. Or when I'm wrangling an infant, car seat, basket, purse and someone just cuts me off to get in front of me in the line.

So are we as women taught to expect less? Or are the boys just not being taught to extend that extra bit of effort?
 I think it's a little of both! I think it all begins when they are small ( like everything else!) I think that maybe women aren't taught to expect it, so they don't teach it to their sons.

Another thing that has happened is the feminist movement. I wont say much more for the sake of debate, but that's definitely got an effect on the social behavior of women and men.

Maybe someone else can shed some light on this topic?

Chilvary come back!!!


  1. You have been posting some awesome blogs. I sit here at my desk and shake my head.. then bust out laughing (at little things Anisten does) I know my co-workers thinks I am nutz) but I do enjoy reading your blogging. luv mom

  2. Thanks MOM! I am trying to blog more. My brain NEVER STOPS!! I think so much about human behavior and interaction. The way people work and such. Scott is not nearly the socalist, but he thinks about the mechanics of things. How things work. I guess i'm just a walking human engineer. haha!! Glad you like them. I know sometimes they may just be a bore!