Thursday, January 21, 2010

sippy cup please!

Anisten is showing less, and less interest in her bottle. ( SO I hear ) And I'm wondering why. She likes her milk, and I'm not having any problems with her taking milk--- Well I have began to wonder if she is just over bottles and ready to move on.

I talked to my aunt yesterday who says that she was at her mom ( my grandma's) house when the baby was over there to visit, and she was getting her bottle, and decided she wanted down.
She then proceeds to crawl on the floor. To her diaper bag. She dug through her diaper bag and got her sippy cup out that had some water in it, and began to drink it, and looks back at them all like " see? "

We've been slowly just giving her her milk in a sippy cup, or a bottle with a sippy cup nipple. Guess that answers my question as to if she's over the bottle or not! HAHA.

I love my smart baby!!


  1. Omigosh, you're posts havent been showing up in my reader and i've missed a ton!!!

    Anyways, I got that black onesie at WalMart before Riley was born. It says "This is my Little Black Dress" on it and it's size 3-6 months. Ive seen black onesies on the Children's Place website though too!


  2. We are still wearing 3-6 too!

    I like black, we have a few, but LORD knows that everything shows up on them! ARe my posts showing up now!?