Monday, February 22, 2010

positive energy please :-)

I beat the sun up today. I was suppose to meet a friend at 5:30 for a run, but she couldn't make it due to a migraine!  ( Hope your feeling better L!) So at 4:45 when I received the text message, I thought to myself. I can do 1 of 2 things. Roll over and go back to sleep, and " tentatively " set my alarm for 6, and get up then and run with a large chance that I wouldn't actually get up........ Or, I could just get up, and go. So I chose option B. I woke my 2 year old boxer up, cranked up my ipod, and we went out in the neighborhood. at 5 am.  It was dark, and about 28 degrees. So we took off.

The way I see it, is that I was going to run anyway, so why not go ahead, get up, and do it. Instead of making yet another excuse. So yes, I was tired, yes it was cold, yes it was dark, and yes my partner wasn't able to make it. Didn't stop me this time. Again after about the 8th minute, I warmed right up, and because I wore a hoodie this time, I actually broke a little sweat!

I want to know why some people are so negative about running. I very much so enjoy it. I find it relaxing, and I'm easily motivated. If you ask me to bike, that's a whole different story. But  I still try not to be "negative" toward or about bikers, just b/c I don't like it. Since getting ready to run and beginning it, I've heard ( seen ) so many comments that I know aren't meant to be rude, it's just that it's not encouraging. I know it's going to be cold, but does that make me crazy? I HATE running in hot weather, you'll  rarely see me out there running in anything above 85-90 degrees. Not my cup of tea. But I'd never tell someone that they are crazy for doing it, that's awesome if someone can do that. Chances are, they hate to run in the cold.  I guess in the past running was just a leisure thing for me, and I wasn't aiming for any certain goal of any kind so I didn't care. But now that I need the uplifting, positive, encouraging words, I think it's more noticeable to me.

But I'm not letting that get me down! :-) I have plenty of support and friends who are extremely encouraging, and I think that is really all that matters.

Anyways, just another running blog! I'm just sitting here enjoying my WARM coffee and reflecting. Waiting for mr. sun to come up!

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