Wednesday, February 3, 2010

yep, I'm eating

Since having Anisten. Wait, back up... Since becoming pregnant with Anisten I haven't really had much of an appetite. I was sick for half of my pregnancy, so towards the end I got what people might call " cravings " but not any more ( actually less) than normal. When I was pregnant I just wanted DRINKS constantly. Especially water. I thought that if I went longer than 30 mintues with out water, I might have been famished. Now, I am lucky to drink a few glasses of water a day. Not just water but liquids all together.

I've been asked several times by different people ( 3 times yesterday with in 2 hours) if I'm eating. Of course I'm eating. I am eating foolishly. I'm not eating LARGE amouts of food. For one, I don't have a LARGE stomach to hold all this food. But I eat whatever I want whenever I want. I was not like this before I was preggo. I would eat nice sized potions of healthy food. Now I eat when I get a chance, and don't put much thought in to it. I am still conscious of what I'm consuming but nothing like before. In fact I need the calories. I am under what I weighed pre pregnancy. And may I add that pre pregnancy I was running 3 miles every other day. So I was the smallest I'd been since highschool. I gained 50lbs with Anisten. And it (thankfully) has all come off. I know this sounds like a HORRIBLE problem to have. Well, it's not, but in the same since I still get frustrated when I'm trying to find clothes that fit me. I have some jeans that were given to me that were too small for someone, and I love them, but now they are getting loose on me. It's not really fun. I like to be thin ( who doesn't) but I dont' want it to be miserable every morning when I get dressed.

I'm just chalking it up to breastfeeding. My dr checked all my levels and such, and nothing seems to be a problem. I am exercising " lightly" for now. I am wanting to train and run the Tulsa run this year. It is a 15k which is about 8-9 miles. Thats alot of training, and a lot of running. I however, will not start until after I'm done nursing. I am already struggling to keep enough calories for the both of us.

I just want to let everyone know, have no fear, I am definitely eating! I will be happy when my appetite returns to normal! I had such a great appetite pre baby.

I understand that I am thin, but I don't feel sick, I have energy, my hair is not brittle and falling out, my bones aren't showing, I have a good color to my skin. So even though I'm thin(ner that usual) doesn't mean that I am sick. I don't mind when people make compliments about " you look great for just having a baby" but sometimes I don't know how to take the repeated " you need to eat" or " are you eating" comments. I am not offended, but I can't do anything about it either.

Chances are ---- My child will have the same thing and I don't want her growing up thinking she's " bones ", " bean pole" or " skinny minnie" like I was. SHe is beautiful and just thin and petite. :)

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