Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wholesome baby food

As most of you know, we make Anisten's baby food. Really, we just modify real food, for a baby to eat.  I use this website for most of my resources. I never really thought about making her food, until one day I came to the realization that I make food for myself, and for my husband. Why not just learn a little more about what I need to do to do this for my baby. I began to research these things while I was pregnant, and thought, if nothing else I will just try it, and if it doesn't work for us, then we will just go to jarred baby food. No biggy. The first thing I did was find our local farmers market. There we receive fresh homegrown, organic, horomone free produce. So, therefor we haven't gotten to try a lot of things with her due to the fact that they aren't in season. She has tried every squash known to man. Pumpkin was one of her favorites. I then realized, that there are certain seasons, and spices that we can use ( even at 6 months when we started her.) like cinnamon, garlic powder, pepper, paprika and so on.

I have just been doing the basics. What I do is I will cook a large amount at a time. The squash are the best b/c it's just one and you bake it for 45-60 minutes and scoop out the " meat " and put it in ice trays. I freeze them, and put them in freezer bags.  But for everything else, I just bake it all. In the summer we will get to try LOTS of new fruits, and I can't wait. I also have a juicer so I will be able to make her some fresh juice, and not have to worry about all of the added sugars and such.

I just went back to my website that I was using when I first started out and looked in the age range that she is in now and to my surprise I can be using a lot more than I was. Instead of waiting on new produce, I am now able to start giving her cheese, cottage cheese, pasta, onions, peppers, beans and so much more. I am so excited. I will still buy the organic everything. We have been doing yogart for about a month now, and she has NO reactions to it, and in fact it's her favorite thing in the world right now. I sometimes have to put a scoop of it in her food to get her to eat it! So little at a time I'm starting to introduce her to whole milk. I am putting 1oz of organic whole cows milk in her sippy cup at night with 3 oz of breast milk. She also gets 1oz WM , 1oz BM in the morning with her cereal and yogart. So I'm just slipping it in little at a time. So far no reactions. So this is good.

I also will mix her BM in with her food sometimes. Especially in the beginning. Since she was familiar with the taste, I think it made everything easier to take to.

She no longer nurses at night, so we just give her the milk in her cup and that works great. It's one less feeding we will have to drop when the weaning process starts. She is still doing about 3-4 nursing sessions in the morning/day though. She also is no longer taking bottles. I think on a very rare occassion she will. So we are on the way to full blown weaning!! Which is great b/c we are about to start daycare in May and I am happy that I won't have to worry about sending her with her own milk.

So if any of you Mom's make ( or are interested in making) your baby's food, I recommend the Wholesome Baby Food  website. Not only does it save us BOOOO COOOOS of money, but it's nice knowing exactly what you're putting in your babies tummy. 

I've had several people inquire about this, so I just wanted to post about it.

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