Friday, February 12, 2010

My little tree of life.


I've never been a plant or flower person. Ever. Until I had a child. I had a little african violet brought to me while I was in the hospital with Anisten as a gift. I have taken so much pride in caring for this small little plant. I guess because it has so much sentimental value, I hate to see it die. I now know why we send flowers. Personally, I like things like this that will continue to live. I know nothing about plants or how to raise one, but I do know that I've learned a little about this one. 
I know that if most definitely needs sunlight.
It can't have water every day. About every other day. 
It likes to drink its water from the bottom of the pot.
It hates the cold.
It doesn't like ice water ( SCOTT ) 
I have most importantly learned that if I do not pick off the leaves that are dead or dying, it will work so hard to nurish those leaves that are just there. 

What am I saying about a silly plant?

I'm saying that sometimes in life, we have to be able to pick of the things that are demanding too much of us. Or are sucking us dry. Maybe taking away from other people/family/friends who deserve the " nourishment" that we can provide. 
I think that if we aren't careful, we can allow people to drain us dry. For what? Nothing, to just hang there lifeless, while work overtime to maintain not only the " lifeless" flower, but the rest of the beautiful plant.

This plant is GORGEOUS when she is in full bloom. The flowers are pink, and actually have what looks like glitter on them. The leaves over flow the pot it's in, and are green and almost wet looking.

The day after I pluck the old dried up stuff off, I can tell a HUGE difference in my plant. It's almost like she's saying thank you. 

Lets stop wasting energy on the things (or people) who aren't deserving of our time and energy. And lets focus on those who are. Those that we may take for granted b/c we have spent so much time trying to nourish the wrong flower.

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that you weekend is filled to the brim with joy!

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