Thursday, February 4, 2010


If you know anything about me, or have spent any time around me, you know that I am constantly saying, you make your own choices- therefore to follow these choices are the consequences to your choice. Good and bad.
This seems to be such a foreign concept to so many. We all make choices, every single day of our lives.

This past week, because of some certain circumstances, I've really been telling myself certain things wouldn't be the way they are if certain choices weren't made. It doesn't mean that I'm heartless, or that I care less, it's just I have a harder time having an abundance of sympathy or compassion for someone who continues to make poor choices. I think you can be the most amazing person in the world with a heart of gold, but as long as you are making some of the child like, irresponsible, decisions, they are making their own bed to lay in. ( so to speak)

And my life lesson for the day is, teaching my child to make good decisions. They wont always be good, or right,but by letting her learn from the bad ones, she will know that she needs to make better ones. I was talking to my Mom the other day, and I told her I now know why people " baby " their kids for so long. Or too much. I now know why parents still have kids in their house for way too long! -- It's hard to see your kid fail. Especially if we can help it. It's extremely hard for me to let Anisten fall over something, or watch her face plant while she's learning to walk- But the truth is it's detrimental to her development. She has to develop that part of her brain that tells her, " pick foot up" - " don't climb over this and fall over " and so on. I feel like that doesn't stop after the age of 5. I feel like even as an adult, I have to learn certain things. If I am lazy and don't do the laundry, guess what? I have to wear dirty clothes ( just an example) but it's another of life's lessons that I have had to learn.

I think that it's great that we live in a country that we're allowed to make our own choices. We have that freedom. Now we just have to learn to teach. Our kids deserve that knowledge of  GOOD AND EVIL . Because it's out there whether we want to admit it or not, and they will come face to face with it. We wont always be able to protect them from it. At the age of 4, we can..... 24, we can't.... Lets start at young ages teaching our kids the difference. Logical thinking.

Since cutting this first tooth, it seems like Anisten has been spitting her food out more and more. Which we have never had issues with. I don't know if it's related to her teething, or if it's just something she goes through at a certain age. Either way it's not ok. So I've been teaching her "NO" and it just breaks her ( and my) heart when she hears me get on to her like  that and she begins to cry. Well this morning I watched her put her hand to her mouth, look at me, and it's like I could see the thought process in her mind, and she removed her hand and chose not to do it. I watched her with my own eyes realize " If i do this, then mommy will  be mad at me, and I will cry" ...... So she left the food in her mouth and continued to eat. This doesn't mean that she didn't forget and do it later! LOL. But the fact that she is learning already at such a young age to make choices, tells me that she is going to have to learn to make good choices.

Sometimes things are out of our control, and we didn't or don't have a choice. But not very many things are. More than anything since becoming a parent, I have learned so much about teaching the basic fundamentals of life.  I will constantly strive to learn as much as I can to pass on to my children. Where as I feel like a lot of what I know was passed on to me in my childhood.

What choices are you making?

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