Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Complaining about complaining....

* Note -- Not a happy go lucky post. 

If you know me, you know that I just don't wanna hear it all the time. I hate when people complain about, not only everything in the world, but the SAME things....  " I'm too fat " an hour later, " I'm to fat" I just wanna be like " NO your lazy, quit complaining about it and do some jump and jacks!" But, I'm not quite that mean! LOL. But it's not like we don't all think it sometimes.

So what's my point? Although I can't stand to be around or " see " ( via social networking ) constant complainers, I find myself complaining more and more about the complainers! I've fallen victim! So I am trying to change my thought process and catch myself complaining. So what I've started to do is " hide" people that are constant naggers, or sympathy getters, or whatever it is. And I too will just try to be a little more  compassionate and think, maybe they can't get the time to excersise, I know how that feels, or maybe their head does hurt, every day of their life, and can't figure out why....... So I need to be a little more caring. Or just hide them =)

I don't want to waste my time doing the same thing. I do try to make a point of when I'm updating my facebook status, that it's informative, and/or possitive. So I myself will not use facebook as a tool to gripe.  I know I have in the past, but I'm putting my conscious efforts to change that, b/c like me, there are plenty of other people who, lets be frank  "dont care" or "dont care after the 3rd time of posting about it".

I do feel like my blog is a little more liberal with my feelings. It is more private and personal. I am much more expressive when I'm here, and lets be honest, I am human too, so there for I will not always be positive. It's impossible! But I'm trying!

I will still always have the moto " Don't complain about what your tolerate " if you are tolerating it, I don't wanna hear about it. Work towards fixing/changing it, instead of moaning about it. It's hard, I too struggle with this.

But all that being said, lets all make an effort to speak and think more positively! It can do our mental state of being a WORLD of good! Who's with me? Or have you all clicked the x at the top of the screen by now? Hehe....

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