Thursday, February 18, 2010

A few tips for running

I have learned in my experience of running, that there are a few things that you just can't skip out on.

There are a few great things that I have found that you really have to invest in that I think even if they are a little on the expensive side, that it will be worth it.

  • A good sports bra.  This is going to be different for everyone. When I was running 12-15 miles a week in the summer of 08, I was smaller chested, and found that I really loved the nike running " high impact" bra from academy. * couldn't find it online. But when I was smaller chested, it wasn't as big of a deal. They were about $25 a piece, and I had 2 of them. Now, since having the baby, this is not the case. I need much much more support. So I prefer something like this under armour brand. It's nice full coverage. I have also found one at victoria's secret, that I can't find online either. It's more of a traditional bra style with underwire and MAJOR support! I love it. So DO try on several ones and figure out what works best for you.. Do a few jumping jacks in the room to see how it feels!
  • SHOES!!!!! Shoes are VERY important! I would suggest, if you are going to be running a lot ( more than 3 days a week) then go in to your local running store and let them fit you for the right shoe. Here in Tulsa, we have several. Tulsa Runner on 97th and Riverside. And Runners World on 43rd and Peoria. They will give you several shoes to try on, and have you walk, or even run on a treadmill and make sure you have the right pair of shoes. I love my shoes, I know I will need new ones by the time this year is over though. I will suggest, that if you don't go to be fitted, to go up a size and a half from your normal shoe size. This makes the world of difference. I wear a 7 shoe, and 8.5 running shoe. Remember you feet need room to slide back and forth.
  • under armor shirt for the winter. This will be your saving grace!! It will keep you warm. When I run, I just wear my under armor shirt, and my running pants. I'm a hot natured person, so after about 8 minutes, I'm warm!
  • IPOD or some source of music. You don't want to hear yourself breathing, or your feet hitting the ground. It's too easy to want to stop if you do. I have learned that it doesn't have to be FAST music, but just music you like, that makes you happy. 
  • Once it's above 50, I will run in shorts. Always. Again, I'm hot natured, so I love running in shorts. I prefer just plain jane softee shorts! Some people like the " runners " shorts that are netted. I hate them! so that's something you will just learn to prefer. As for now, I have a pair of jogging pants that have some insulation in them, that helps. Any type of wind breaker pants will be good.
  • Socks are important! I can't find pictures of anything I need, but the ones I love are from walmart. They come in a pack of 3. Made my DaniSkin  They are below the ankle, and ribbed over your arch. They don't BUDGE during your work out. Love them!
  • One thing you may not think about when enduring the colder weather. Gloves. Yep, I forgot my gloves one time and thought i'd be ok. NOT. I never forgot them again!
Other things really are just preference. I feel like sports bra and shoes are the most important! You can figure out what you like other wise.  Being comfortable should be your number one priority!

So not all of my blogs will be about running. I don't wanna bore the non runners. But do know, that it's going to soon become a large part of my life, and that I will blog about it, b/c I will want to keep track of my progress! So, I will keep other things updated too, but you'll start seeing alot of RUN blogs...

Thank you everyone who have been supportive! And will continue to do so. It's so easy to be negative about this. Instantly people wanna be like, " what are you thinking?? It's 26 outside!" Well, I'm thinking that I only have 8 months to learn how to run 9 miles. That's what I am thinking! haha. But in all honesty, it's really my escape. Even if I am doing my neighborhood for now b/c that's the easiest thing for me to do before hubby goes to work, then so be it. Atleast I'm starting somewhere. Come May, I will have a whole new schedule for my life. My little Tyke will be in daycare for a few days a week and that will be so nice. For all of us!

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