Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Couch to 5k.. you can do it GIRL!

Since having Anisten, I ran in the summer lightly, and ran the Race for the Cure in October, and then after that it just dwindled. It was too cold to get the baby out, and I don't have a sitter for the days that I don't work. I ask help from my family alot when I'm working, that I hate to ask for extra time... So I just started doing a little bit of working out in the gym, and my house. I didn't want to do nothing. I want to run the Tulsa run this year, which is in the end of October. So I have plenty of time to train for it.

I had a little discussion with my great friend Jessica the other night. She's a new reformed runner. She's doing awesome. Training to run a half marathon, so she's up to running like 8-9 miles on her long runs. This is AWESOME. She used to be like " I wanna be a runner, but I just have no interest!" Now she's literally running laps around me!! So after talking to her, I realized, that while some things you just can't help, most things you can. It's too cold, it's too hot, it's raining, it's dark, it's early, it's late, its my day off, it........... blah blah. So while I know that until it gets warm enough to take the baby out regularly with me, I will have to deal with that issue, but I can also get up and go before husband leaves, or in the evenings when he gets home, I can work around some of these. So I got off my be hinny and did it. In 32 degree weather. And didn't for one second regret it.

I am doing it for pure mind erasing joy. I feel like since I haven't been able to run or exercise regularly my mind has gotten so JUNKED up! I now remember what it was like to be out there with my ipod, and my thoughts.......... Amazing! I think it is hard to get motivated, and I hope that I can gather some friends to do it with me, so that I can have that extra push when I need it, but I'm excited to have taken that first step back in to that BLISS I once knew.

I know that some of you have been inquiring about this, and are wanting to know about the running schedule, and maybe getting together a small group. Here's the schedule that I will be doing. couch to 5k  The site is pretty cool, you can keep up with your progress and such. If you have the iphone and you plan to run with me, you will need to download the runkeeper app. It's great, it will keep your time, your distance, your averages and all that. YOu will LOVE IT! I hope that you guys will do it with me starting this week or next if you are interested. It's an 8 week running schedule, and it's basically " I've never ran before " to " Running 3 miles" with out stopping. I'm willing to do mornings evenings, etc if you guys want! let me know!

Post on here if you're interested, or email me and we will get together our schedules!!

If we start, you should be able to run a 5k in 2 months. So what I suggest doing is us finding a 5k marathon to run so that we have a goal! And that way we are already invested! I'll be looking and keep posting updates and such here to keep you informed. Hope to be hearing more from some of you!


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  2. Good luck girl! I plan on running the Family Fun Run 5k at Disneyland next year... they have a stroller division!!! Haha!!!

  3. Check out the aquarium run! It should be around the time frame you are finishing your program (maybe with a week or two to spare). Go to or something like that! It was my first run last year after I trained! :)