Monday, December 6, 2010

Time to break it off...

Okay, so a lot of you have been following my running and fitness journey for a while. And while some of you care, most of you probably don't! So... I've decided to make my own running blog for those who are interested in running, and things of that nature, to follow.

Mama Runner Girl.... That's me!

I'm not professional athelete, and I do NOT claim to be. Which makes things a little more.... Normal, and attainable. I am a normal girl. A working mother who, like most of you, has to find the time to squeeze in any work outs at all- I am still learning something new all the time! I just want to share my experience, and learned knowledge with anyone who cares! If nothing else I love to look back and see my journey.

I encourage anyone who is embarking on something new like this to keep record of it somewhere! Mine is via-blog.

Running and exercise has become part of my everyday normal life. And always will be. So it's part of who I am! -- I will constantly talk about it and relate other things to it, so, I'll spare the ones who don't care to hear all about chaffing, running trails, and pony tails, some time =)

In the last several months I have received SEVERAL random emails from people saying that they like to see the progress I've made. Starting from ground zero, to finishing a half marathon. And that they are thinking of starting the couch to 5k program...Or they are thinking of upping their work outs and going for a 10k, or a half marathon...This is music to my ears!! And I've said it before and I'll keep saying it... But if I can inspire one person to live a healthy and active lifestyle, then I will continue doing what I'm doing!

Happy Running!

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