Monday, October 18, 2010

Been dying to blog all weekend!

Well, as most of you know, I set out to run the Tulsa run (9.2 miles) at the beginning of the year? Just a goal that I set for myself to get healthy, to stay in shape, have some time to clear my head, meet new people etc.....

Shortly after I fell in love with running, and became addicted to all the chemicals (endorphins, adrenaline etc...) that my body produces, I learned that the route 66 half marathon is only 4 weeks after the Tulsa run. SO I decided that I would go for the 13.1 miler with a little more training.

Fast forward to this weekend.........

We ran 15 miles. Yes I said FIFTEEN.. it still sounds funny coming from my mouth!

We were scheduled to run 12, which would have been our farthest to date. We got to chatting with our friends. We were in another town. In another frame of mind, where everything to be worried in the world was gone. Our friend ask how we were feeling at our 6 mile turn around, and to our surprise, we felt great! So we went out another mile and half.

We're chalking it up to great weather, lots of GU, sports beans, great company, pretzels, wonderful water and gatorade stops, and a multitude of people doing the same thing we're doing. And looking strong doing it!

I've learned so much about (distance) running, and myself the past few months. I'm so excited to continue. I'm looking forward to the winter when I'm not training quite as much. I'll still be doing 4-5 shorter runs. Can't wait!

To some of you who don't run, or have only run a little, this may be pretty insignifigant to you.... But anyone who has run over 2-3 miles, and has an understanding for how challenging it can be, might appreciate it a little more.

Just know that even if it seems so unattainable it's NOT! If someone had told me in February when I was huffing and puffing through my couch to 5k program, that I would be running 15 miles and liking it, I would have laughed in disbelief!

Whatever your goals may be, stick to them!!!!! They are so rewarding when they are met, and exceeded!

I know, I know, yet another running blog, but this one inspired me......

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