Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It feels good to feel good!

Today was the first day in a very long while that I wasn't longing for a nap by 9am.

I woke up, went for a run, got home and had some breakfast with my cutie pie. Had some coffee on the back porch. Made lunch and a smoothie for hubby. Made dinner, and lunch! (crock pot dinner, and egg salad for lunch) and cleaned, and I do mean CLEANED my kitchen. I did some play dough, and made a snow globe(thanks pinterest!) and had lunch with Anisten. All before she took a nap at 11:00.

I decided to take the time to rest as well.

So I got on my favorite website PINTEREST and got some DIY ideas for the upcoming holidays!

I then proceeded to clean the rest of my house after nap time. I know it seems silly to feel so victorious over such minor things - that most of us hate doing anyways!- But now, at the end of the day. I have a clean house, dinner is made, and a happy baby.

Saturday, I cleaned out my entire closet, and organized it. YOW! Along with deep cleaning the fridge! -- big chore in our house.

I think it's safe to say I'm nesting a little bit. I am getting in preparation mode. Or maybe just enjoying the fact that I can still every once in a while enjoy a clean house. Even if it's only for a day. :-)

Relaxation begins NOW!

By "relaxation" I mean more pinterest!


  1. Yay Pinterest! What did Anisten get in her snow globe?

  2. She put in some flowers (I cut off a hawaiian lai) some glitter, some little jewels, and some other glittery swirly things. And we glued some flowers on the outside of it! She likes it. I hot glued the lid on like you're suppose to, but I need to electric tape it. So fun!