Monday, August 1, 2011

Nursery ideas already!

I'm in a different place this go around. I have a house, and I'm much more settled. Since we have planned this pregnancy, I have been thinking of things like the nursery already.

We are considering keeping the gender of the baby a secret. As in, we aren't going to know what we're having until delivery time!!! That's a whole other blog.

So this makes planning a nursery (which I didn't do until 8 months pregnant with Anisten) a little more tough. I know that I want to do something modern. I want bright. I want something that I can add too, after the baby is born and persuade the room one way or another.

We will be purchasing a toddler bed for Anisten, and then using her (black) crib for the new baby. After talking to Scott. We've decided to do a "black and white" theme. We will accent it with the bright aqua blue. I feel like, with this color, I can add some orange or green  for a boy, or pink to the room for a girl.

I've been scouting, and have found a few ideas that I love already.

This isn't quite the blue, but it's very simliar. What I love about this picture, is the rug, and the bed skirt. I also love the white table and lamp.Also the rug...Since I'm starting so early, I  can scout out garage sales and craigslist for another dresser, either for Anisten, or new baby. I want it white though. The one we have for Anisten is black, so if we use that one, I'll paint 2 of the drawers white, and maybe the top diaper changing part white.I

I'm also considering,if I have to, just making the bedding! I know, this seems INSANE. I have a brand new sewing machine, that hasn't been used yet. I'm thinking this would be a perfect time to bust it out.

Depending on the bedding, we're thinking of doing one of the walls striped like this. This is the green that I would accent with as well, if we have a boy! I'm not super opposed to this color alone! But everyting (including the walls) would be black and white, with accents of the green, like this room.

 I like the big letters with the collage of things. I am considering doing something like this. Kind of has an abstract feel. I also have already printed Anisten's hands on a canvas, and plan to put it in the baby's room as a decor. When I saw this, I was excited! I like the single letter, instead of the name. The names we've chosen (still another blog) both start with the same letter. HOW COOL? So, that would be easy to handle.

Here is what I was talking about, with the "accent" wall. Do you think that green is too "boyish"? I really really love it. Anisten's room is super hot lime green, so Scott says we don't need another green room, but I kind of love the look of this.

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  1. I was just going to talk to you about this the other day!! AFter we had Liam, i told J that i had a really good idea for a baby room...since we arent planning on an expansion in our family, i was going to share wiht you!! It was black, white and RED! several reasons, but he main 2 are bc its the only color a baby can see for a long time AND its gender friendly!!