Monday, August 1, 2011

11ish weeks- Sorry I was sleeping

Well, I've skipped a few weeks. This should be a great indicator of how I feel.

It's be R.O.U.G.H. I haven't thrown up as much as when I was pregnant with Anisten (Thanks to meds!) but I feel worse.  It's all I can do to get on the floor and play with my girl. I'm off work 4 days a week-thankfully- but I used so much of that time to sleep!

I'm now 11 1/2 weeks (12 weeks on Sunday)

Yesterday was the first day that I felt "okay"......... There is end in sight. I woke up this morning hazy, but I haven't had the wave of nausea slap me in the face. After some ice cold water, and a few powdered doughnuts, I think I'm in the clear. Just don't start the coffee, it'll send me running!

As for my eating habits! WHOA. My body is trying to pack on weight, and quick. I am already thicker, and I already have a layer of fat on my tummy. Remind you, I was underweight(low bmi) to begin with, so this comes as no surprise. I gained 50 YES 50 lbs with Anisten.. YIKES! At my 6 month check up with her, my doctor joked that I'm finally the weight of most people my age/height. LOL.  I think it's happening faster this time around, maybe due to the fact that my body is going based of memory? Once you learn to ride a bike, no matter how long in between, you still know how! I will say I am eating a LOT healthier this time around, but I am also eating some "junk" too! I'm just eating a lot. Fruit has pretty much been the one thing that hasn't bothered me. Although I have thrown up watermelon *GROSS!* but it wasn't because of the watermelon....

So I think I will show much sooner. Which is fine, I just want to stay active (like I have a choice with a toddler) and at a healthy weight (35-45lbs) gain this time around.

I have not been running, due to my yakking. Poor Carrie, we ran a few weeks ago, and I threw up on our run, I think I scared her! I did try my first prenatal workout video yesterday! -- Thanks MEL!!!-- and I'm sore today. So that's a good thing! The weather is close to record breaking hot, so I'm just not fighting the morning sickness and fatigue to try and push my way in to being a pregnant runner. I plan to continue to run, but I'm not so attatched to it that I would cry if I didn't run. I plan to stay in good enough shape, whether videos, the gym, (try out) spin class, or whatever, hopefully I can do enough to resume running in the little bit of cooler weather, and I'll have more energy then too. I will do my best to stay in shape while pregnant either way so that I can resume running  postpartum. I'm not to concerned with it......

We have announced to both of our families! *Except Scott's father* We don't see him regularly, so we didn't really want to send a "text" that seems impersonal...But, we may have to, before I get too big,and before I start telling clients and such. Anisten knows, but doesn't really "get it." I will tell her there is a baby in mommy's tummy, and she will raise her shirt up and tell me "There is a baby in Anisten's tummy" Or she will ask to see the baby. But it's very short lived, and she doesn't really care right now. Maybe when things are more evident, she will get it!

My 12 week appointent is next Thursday. I'll be 12 weeks and 5 days, so closer to 13 weeks. I'm hoping to get an ultrasound, since our last one was just a little dot. :-)

Again, I have to brag on my husband. I have never been so behind on house work, laundry, no cooking----YIKES!!!!! He has done an amazing job at keeping everything up! I've got easy thing to pop in the oven, or cook. Or he will find out what sounds good, and bring something home. He's kept the house clean - Or clean enough to be cleaned easily- He has taken care of Anisten. He comes home from working all day, takes her, shuts my door, and plays with her, and gets her tucked in for the night. He is my saving grace right now! He's done the grocery shopping, folded and put away the laundry. Taking care of the dogs-- ALL OF IT! So, I have to brag on him. Thank you honey for being the best! 

There is a little update on how I'm doing, and how everything is going around the Campbell house. You will be reading soon enough! Only another week or 2. I'll work on some pictures too!

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