Monday, August 1, 2011

12-13 weeks "It's official!"

By now, you have figured out, I am not keeping up with the weekly updating thing. Especially at this point, the stuff to update is pretty much the same!

Today is the day that I will be announcing the news! -- I will post all of my previous posts (somehow) tonight as well.

We went for our 12 week(4day) check up. The baby was sleeping with his/her hand over their face. But moved a little with the pressure on his/her poor little house.

We have decided to wait until delivery day to find out what we are having! So, we have to constantly (not that he would have been able to know this early anyways) remind our doctor that we are keeping it a secret. He likes to keep it a secret too. He says the delivery room is just so much more fun when it's a big surprise! --Glad someone is having fun--

We have started talking about nursery themes and baby names, but haven't moved too much forward yet.

All of our family is officially informed of the news, and most of our friends. I will announce it to my clients and facebook friends now.

We are super excited. We're already talking about how things will change, for the better, but also new obstacles we will face as parents of 2.

I am hoping that with in the next few weeks I will be able to feel the baby kick! I keep feeling what "feels like" the first movements, usually at night when I'm full and still, but I keep telling myself it's way, way way too early. I felt Anisten at 16 hopefully with in the next 2-4 weeks I will undoubtedly know that those little feet and hands are swooshing around!

I will start putting up my pictures soon. I accidentally erased my 12 week picture, so I will take another picture tonight, and add it.

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