Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy to announce......

We are expecting baby number 2!

Estimated time of arrival - February 6th. (unofficial due date.)

We have always said once Anisten turns 2, that we would start talking about the possibilities of a sibling for her. Well. It only took one month to make the decision.

I have decided that I want to keep up with this pregnancy via blog. I want to record my cravings, my symtoms, and growing belly! I didn't keep any record of anything except pictures, randomly, with Anisten. I will always remember so much about that pregnancy. It was my first, and my world stopped when I got pregnant with her. So I had nothing but time to remember what week I first felt her kick. I remember my first craving. My first yakking session.... and so on.

I know more than anything, that this will go by extremely fast, chasing a toddler and getting fatter by the day!

So I'd like to have some references to how all the amazing, and not so amazing, things about growing a child inside of my belly!

There will be days that I'm feeling amazing, and there will be days when my posts will be more like a huge RANT!

You won't be reading this post for another 4-6 weeks. But  I will continue to blog at least once a week! The only people who know, is my husband, and a few of the girls at work (in case something happens while I'm there), and Melissa.

So, I found out on Memorial day. I missed my period, and was suspicious.  I tested, and with in seconds, both lines turned pink!

How am I feeling?
I'm feeling exhausted!  I'm a nervous wreck. And have this "nesting" instinct that is rushing through my vains. Getting rid of things, cleaning like a mad women, saving money.... I feel like I felt  when I was 8 months pregnant with Anisten! More than anything, I'm so excited! It just feels right.....
Symptoms: The main symptoms are exhaustion, and lower back ache. I have had strong waves of nausea, but nothing too horrible yet. Little light headed, and bloated ... And, I already feel thicker.

I will see my doctor on June 27th. So we don't plan to announce the news until after then. I will be close to 10 weeks then. I'm approximately almost 5 weeks now.  I will just count my weeks on Monday, since that's when I found out. It will just be easier to keep track of.

So, there you have it!

We couldn't be more happy! And, I can't wait for you to be able to read this. :-)

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