Saturday, June 25, 2011

Growing up is work!

A little girl, around the age of nine, was getting her hair cut at the salon a few days ago, said something that just got me thinking.

Her mom told her that if she wants a feather in her hair, she has to work to earn money, save up, and buy her own feather. (Of course I love the idea!) She flat out said " I don't want to work." There ya have it! I believe for the first time in her little life, she felt the real burden of responsibility.

I am blessed that I have a job that I only have to attend 3-4 days a week-- and I love my job. But it's work. And sometimes, I don't want to work. I want to stay home and watch tv. Or, I want to play on the computer... Or do something that requires NO responsibility! --- Then I get a reality check.

I. am. GROWN. UP.

~*~*~*~ This is the part of life, some never reach*~*~*~*~*~*~

And it's sad. =( They have no pride in themselves. Nothing that they can call their own! They are forever indebted to someone. (Which is a burden they don't feel, because the feel "entitled") Let's be honest...... If they aren't working to pay their own bills, some one is. Whether it's parents, a rich husband, or the state. I call these people MOOCHES.

Ugh, I know, it sounds so harsh! I'm not above receiving help if I need it. (and trust me I have needed in the past!) It's one thing to need help, and then to return the favor(or money in my case). To constantly be dependant on someone other than yourself is terrible.

I am thankful that I live in a country where I can get government assistance if I ever need it! But I also feel it's being abused by people who refuse to GET A JOB! Come on. You're healthy, and you have no reason but sheer laziness, to not get a job.

On these days when I feel so exhausted after standing on my feet all day wanting nothing more to come home and veg out, I have to step back and think....... I'm so blessed to say that I can get in my own car that we pay for and COME HOME to a beautiful home. I have food in my refrigerator, we all have clothes to put on our back, and a computer to play on. I have a T.V. to veg out in front of when the time comes. For all of this I can say that my husband and I  proudly call our own.
Have we needed help and support from our families, and the state (school) getting here? Absolutely. But not with out the responsibility of paying it back. I don't expect hand outs! And no one should. Accept help if needed. But don't expect someone to DO IT FOR YOU.

This is something I'm pretty passionate about. I see full grown adults who are so delayed in life. They can't seem to figure out which way to go with their life plans. Making irresponsible choices that affect them for the rest of their life. They were never expected to make their own decisions, or to have to pay There's that word again the consequences.... I see someone who is constantly offended because they don't know how to take responsibility for their own feelings.  I know that we can't really control the way we feel, but we can certainly control the way we respond. These people, they usually act like a 2 year old when something isn't going their way. People around them are miserable, because they think that XX is going to explode. Why should I compromise how I feel about something, or walk on egg shells and sugar coat  something because the full grown toddler can't handle it? I shouldn't. The truth is the truth. (A WHOLE OTHER BLOG!) If the truth can't be handled, that's not my problem....

So there is my rant about adult sized toddlers. You know that all of you are thinking of someone you know like this!

Growing up is hard work.. But the benefits out weigh all that hard work! 

There is something to be said about a lazy person. It's sad, and crippling.

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