Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dear Parents, Parent.

I was walking through the parking lot at  the pool today, and passed a car with a mother yelling as loud as she can at her child. It caught my attention, so I listened further. (Even though I was getting farther away from the vehicle I could still hear WHAT she was saying) This is what she was saying


Oh, my. I was instantly saddened. If your child is small enough to wear diapers, then you do NOT need to be yelling at your child like this. Really, ever.

Let me start by saying. Yes, I very much understand those days where melt down city is just a block over. I understand the days where I need to put myself in time out for 5 minutes away from my child, because she will not stop crying and demanding things. Thankfully, we don't have many days like this! But, I have had them.

Now, having said that. Is there any reason to publicly yell at your child in such an abusive tone? I'm sure the lady loved her kids, but that didn't sound like a very loving sound to me. The child was probably worn out from being out side  at (and probably babysat by) the pool. But these are things that as parents, we have to LEARN to deal with. Ouch, there it is...we have to actually learn something? What? Yes, learn how to not only have control of the situation and child, but yourself.

I just can't help but wonder. Why do some people have kids? I guess it's sometimes not planned, and I certainly understand that. But, there are lots of people who want, and actively try to have kids, and just act like they are the biggest inconvience in their world.

New flash. You have kids, your world is no longer YOURS. It's shared with an amazing child that you've brought to life! Enjoy and celebrate that.

Sigh. I swear I don't just sit around and judge other parents! But, it's such a big part of my life, that I notice it so much now. Kinda like hair. I am a hairdresser, so I am usually the first to notice bad hair, or appreciate great hair!

Do you see a lot of poor parenting?

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