Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blogging, is for Bloggers....

I'm certainly not meeting that qualification!

I spent a lot of time keeping track of my training on my "running" blog that I kind of...well I just plain old ignored this one.

But that's okay! Now that I'm not training anymore, and just running like a normal person, I can spend more time over here where I actually have some readers!

It's been a busy spring (as always) for us! It seems like the first weekend in April starts and the flood gates open. Anisten's birthday. From there it just poored out graduation,prom,and weddings! Well, this is all part of my business. Aside from the business part, we did have 2 graduate from Scott's side of the family. We are so proud of Stephen-Who graduated from OSU! And Krista, who finished the dreaded highschool ;-)

I had a few weeks where I was working 10 hour days...this is A LOT in a hairdresser's world. I double book my clients. So it made for extremely busy days. I quit working Saturdays. And have yet to have one off! LOL. But it won't always be wedding season. In July I'll be twiddling my thumbs.

Anisten is amazing!!!! She is talking non-stop (just like "all girls" as uncle J says). She is full of joy. The temper tantrums have subsided for the most part. She is going full days wearing big girl underpants- NO DIAPERS! For about 2 weeks, this was trying, and challenging. But now she obviously has prooved that she has more control of her bladder. So, we haven't had any accidents in a while. It's awesome! It's not very convenient to have to find the bathroom as soon as you walk in, and remember to go before you leave a place, but it's getting better! We're pretty proud of our girl!  I'm still every day so thankful that I can spend so much time with her, to watch and teach her to grow. She's so brilliant. I know every parent says this about their kid. But she really a noticeable way. She puts things together that a lot of 2 year olds just wouldn't understand. Every day I'm shocked by something new. She is still a wiggle worm, and probably always will be..Who am I kidding? Her Mommy and Daddy are wiggle worms. We very rarely just "sit".

Our home life is just the right balance! We get to have Daddy home for dinner and bedtime every night. We wake up and eat breakfast together. We both manage to squeeze in our runs. The house is getting easier to keep up since I have been teaching her to keep her toys in the "toy room". This makes for a sane mama! I am able to cook 4-6 nights a week, and LOVE IT! When things get a little out of wack, which will always at some point happen, I really feel it.

So, we are just smooth sailing right now. We are enjoying every second  together! We find things to do as a family on our days off. We love the zoo, park,aquarium,splash pad,toddler gym,wagon rides....etc! (told you we're not a sedentary family!) So this may explain some of my absence on this bloggy thing!!

Until next time......

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