Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Anisten's first haircut!

Today was "the day"

I have been so anti-haircut. I didn't want the 2 year old with the funky bangs. I let them grow out so I don't have to cut them every 2 weeks when they are right back in her eyes....So I waited until I absolutely had to cut it.

We made a big deal of it. She went to the Salon. My friend (and hairdresser) Amber did an amazing job, not only with her cut, but with managing her wiggly self!
Before the Shampoo!

Laying down for a shampoo.

She actually laid there and let her do the shampoo and conditioner!

The blow dry.

Pretty excited!

The final product!

So, we didn't cut off a lot. Just added a few layers in the back. It's so curly that the top layer was weighing down the little curls underneath. She did great! I'm pretty proud of her. And of course, I kept a little of her hair. *sniff sniff*

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