Monday, August 1, 2011

Week 7- Bring on the symthoms

Welcome me in to the YAK club. I tossed my cookies-should I say coffee?- this morning. I've been turned off to a lot of food, or eating in general, some days. And other days, I eat like someone is going to steal my food away from me!

I feel like the worst mom ever. I am not keeping up with the house duties, and I am just lounging around watching tv, or watching Anisten play. On days that I feel good, I try to over exert myself and play with her a whole time. Leaving me completely depleted!
I know I'm not the only person who has been pregnant with a toddler. But I don't think I knew it would be this draining. I keep comparing pregnancies. I keep thinking to myself " I don't remember being this tired with Anisten...." Well it's because when I was tired, I just slept. Instead of running after a 2 year old. Or cleaning up the huge mess she made because I just let her drag out so many things to keep her entertained! --Back to the bad-mommy thing--

So week 7 definitely has me feeling way pregnant!

Again, thankful for Scott who has taken on so many house things, getting her fed, bathed, in bed..all on top of working a full time job. How did I score this one? He will pick up the house and get it all clean, and say " It doesn't bother me, but I know it bothers you...." To me this is saying 2 things... it's telling me that he doesn't mind that I've let the house get shattered by hurricane Anisten, over and over. That it's okay to be down and "out of commission" for a while. He's also saying that he knows it's something important to me, so he will do his best to keep it up. So that I don't have a melt down. Which, I've yet to have. But let me say those sappy commercials almost get me every time!

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