Tuesday, August 9, 2011

14 weeks- Sunshine, is that you?

What a difference a week makes!
This morning is the best I've felt in 8-10 weeks.

Before 10:00am I:

  • I've made breakfast.
  • Packed husbands lunch.
  • Got dinner started in the slowcooker.
  • Folded a load of laundry.
  • Started and switched laundry.
  • Cleaned my kitchen.
  • And started a blog.
*I'm thinking of tackling my closet!*

I feel so good today. I know that if I over exert myself, I will reget it in the 2nd half of my day, so I'm taking it easy until after Anisten wakes up from her nap later on.

I've only gotten sick once or twice this week - YAY!

I have gained 7(probably more now) pounds already-YIKES!- I gained 50, yes I said 50 with Anisten. I am hoping to keep it around 40 this time. I've been working out more than I did with her- but not as much as usual. Jolting isn't so good for a queasy stomach. So I've been getting about 3 times a week in, at about an hour each. So it's not horrible. If nothing else, it's keeping my cardio healthy. I'm certainly showing much much much faster. My size now, is about what I was showing at 5-6 months with her. I'm not even 4 months yet! But, I'm having NO problem "padding" or "insulating" as I like to call it.

This week, my baby is the size of a navel orange!

This little one is measuring in at a whopping 3-3 1/2 inches.

I've started feeling the baby flutters!!! This makes a lot of the sickness worth it. I felt Anisten for the first time around 16-18 Weeks. And this one around 13 weeks. Yesterday my pants (sad face) were a little snug, and I certainly was hearing from my wiggly orange. :-)

While I know that all day everyday I am not feeling 100% yet, I am so grateful to have a little energy back! I think Anisten is happy too!

On top of that, the weather, which has consisted of highs over 100 degrees for about 6 weeks, has  finally broke today. I went outside this morning just to see what 74 felt like again. I'm so excited for fall right around the corner!

Good day today! 


  1. I saw you when you were preggo with A, and you must have been wearing ankle weights to hit the 50lb mark. At least you wear it well, right?! Love the bump, momma. Congrats on bb#2.

  2. I see morning or evening jogs/walks right around the corner! Also fun days outside with our little times!! Woohoo!

  3. Well, thanks Ashley! I really did hit that 50 lbs mark. YIKES! -- But it was in winter, and I could cover it up. HEHEHE.

    Melissa, I just can't wait.