Tuesday, August 16, 2011

15 weeks- Feeling normal,only pudgy.

Week 15 has so far proved to be the best so far!
  • I have had a descent appetite even with a few cravings.
  • I have worn make up, and curled my hair.
  • I bought some new *ahem* under garments for my growing self!
  • I have been able to clean my house in bits and pieces again.
  • I've cooked several times, and made coffee with out running to the john.
  • *This is my fave* I've started running outside  again!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!
  • I've been feeling the baby pretty consistently and stronger each day.
  • I've developed heartburn in the last week- bleck! Nothing Pepcid Complete (my one true love!) can't fix.
I'm so excited to get back outside again. This was by far, the hottest summer I've ever been in! I daily, consider moving to a northern state, and don't think I'm kidding. So I have not been outside, since ya know, the twirly stomach and record breaking 115 degree weather don't mingle so well together. I think the lack of vitamin D has been playing a factor in my energy(and depression) level!
I got out Saturday, on a cool 73 degree morning, and ran just under 3.5 miles. Thanks to my first running coach, and fellow preggo Ashley!!!  I have been in the gym 2-3 times a week and trying to do yoga and various fitness work outs at home, but it's NOT the same. I like the convenience of working out at home, but between that and going to the gym alone, I feel isolated. I miss my group/partnered running! We only stopped for water and a walk break once or twice in our first run in forever. We obviously are much slower, but who's training for a marathon? Not this girl. So I've kind of decided to let go of the "training" mentality, of keeping a track of time, and just keep track of distance. I know that I'm about an 11 minute-ish mile now (which seems so slow to me) so I know that if I do 3-4 miles, I'm getting in plenty of cardio time. :-) I was a little sore after that run, but managed another 3.2 mile run 2 days later with Carrie, in my neighborhood. I would like to do some of the 5k's coming up this fall/winter, as long as I possibly can, so that's the plan. If I have to walk a lot of it, so be it. But I'm just happy that it's a break in the morning sickness and the heat at the same time.

My house has been a tornado the last few weeks months. Just to be able keep my kitchen and living room clean has made me happy. I have been going through Anisten's toys and delegating some to "baby" and some to daycare/donation... This also makes me happy!

I got heartburn around 14 weeks with Anisten, and same thing with this one. The nausea went away, the fire takes it's place. At least I get relief with the heartburn! But aside from that I've enjoyed eating more than just rabbit food! I've actually been craving steak and *some* meat.  I'm still a little repulsed by a lot of it! I've even been enjoying a little more coffee - and it's effects- the last few days. Mmm, how I've missed it.

I'm so excited to be feeling the little gold fish, popcorn popping, butterfly feelings in my tummy. Ice water, laying flat on my back in bed, and bending forward seem to be the most consistent ways to get my little girl/guy's attention! Oh, and not to mention the drive home from work when my pants that fit me that morning are popping buttons that evening!!

Everyone keeps asking if I think it's a boy or a girl.
I remember my friend Jess was pregnant with her son Hugh a few years ago,and she kept the sex of the baby unknown. I would ask her almost daily....Still think it's a boy? Are you sure? She knew. WHich is amazing, since she had nothing to compare it with!

I've always had a little inkling that I might be having another girl. I also have a strong desire to have another girl~ So, the 2 might be getting crossed in feelings. But we will find out in February. I do feel like this pregnancy has been almost exactly like my pregnancy with Anisten. Except I am(was) growing faster than I did with her. I was exactly the same weight, and in a thousand times better shape, than with A, but my body just knew what to do right away! I was growing so fast, now it seems to be leveling out.

I found out I was pregnant with Anisten in August, so I didn't start growing til the late fall/early winter. Well, I will have plenty of winter "bigger" clothes. Which are useless to me in June/July/August. Darn. I'm about on the same track as far as weight gain. Since my last visit 3 weeks ago, the scale says I've only gained one pound since. SO that's not too bad. I've been eating differently this time around. Not perfect by all means. Becuase honestly, taco bell sounds better than a salad at home-or anything cooking at home- but it's definitely better! That, added with chasing a toddler, and staying active, I think I'm hoping for a quicker recovery and speedy delivery!

I'm just happy to be feeling about 75% human again! Maybe each week will be better and better.