Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More baby room Ideas.

So, since we're keeping the baby's gender unknown, I have been a little stuck on one theme that I like so much.
This theme seems to be simple enough to imitate! This bedding, is, (ready for this?) $850! Obviously, I don't love it that much.. But I toyed with the idea of just seeing if I can get one of my family members who know how to sew make the skirting, and skip the bumber and then sew a little blanket(easy!)  white sheets. But then, I came across this on, of all sites, Walmart! 

It's very similar! I love the wall color, and the rug- if I could just find it. I would add accents of  orange or (sage) green for a boy, and hot pink for a girl. It would be really easy to do!

The dresser that I will be putting in there is black already, so I'll paint every other drawer white, and do the knobs black.

I also love the idea of doing a primary (rainbow) colored room! I have the big foam mat with all the letters like this that I could use. I have a bunch of toys that are all primary colored! I would do pure white walls with red base boards or panels of some kind... I have no idea about the bedding though. I could still probably do something on my own. I love the idea of doing a rainbow (I've always loved rainbows, and their representation) on the wall with the babies name in the post of gold, or the cloud or something.

If it were a girl, I could always add butterflies, and flowery stuff, lady bugs etc... If it's a boy, nothing (or no rainbow at all)  I could add building blocks and crayons for decorations. So many kids things are made with the primary colors! I have lots of them already.

There aren't a ton of nusery ideas including rainbows, that I could find.

I have always loved colors bright ones, lots of them. Especially when it's something nature made....

My only concern might be that there sometimes is a certain connotation that comes with rainbows. But the way I think of a rainbow, is it's true meaning. And that's "promise".  Even with out a rainbow, I still love all of the colors together! And would make for a bright kids room!

Those are my 2 ideas as of now! I'm on the prowl for different ideas, still.

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  1. Love the black and white idea! And the primary color one would get you up through toddler-hood for sure!