Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Catching up with the Campbells

Well, I've been informed that my daughter has been sitting on the washer for way too long. In other words.... I haven't updated enough this summer!

Mindi, you are correct!

Now, that it's 1 million degrees outside, I am forced to stay in and do things like clean, read and blog. Just as if it were winter. ( My best blogging months) Just a fair warning, when spring comes around - Well, you get my drift!

So what's new with us?


We have made some very significant changes to our life, and lifestyle. These have all been for the better of our future and family.

Scott has gotten a new job. This is such a blessing. There were too many things about his other job (and the people there) that we just needed to move away from. And not to mention it will be a HUGE raise for us. This is great, we are working on becoming debt free and will eventually be adding to our household. So more money is great! He will have a consistent schedule for the first 3 months (training) which is 8-5 Monday through Friday. and after that he will always ALWAYS have Sundays off. And the latest the building is open is 7, so even if he gets stuck with a stinker schedule, it would be like Sunday Monday's off, and he would work Tuesday-Saturday no later than 7. That is a DREAM for us!! Anyone who knows me personally, knows that this is a very very good thing for us!

So, having Sundays off together, were a thing of the past. While I was pregnant, Scott gave up Sundays for better hours, more pay, and a better position.... And ever since then it's been hard to have the genuine family time we have needed. We both agree that we want to raise our daughter in church just as we were. Not a question. We have visited several churches looking for a place big enough to reach out to our needs as a family... Such as a great nursery/childrens church program, womens ministry, mens ministry, and young married groups, and great music ministry. We have to have a place to fit.  We've been looking for something big enough to offer all of these things, but small enough to be involved in helping as well.  We still haven't found just the church yet. We have visited a church in Broken Arrow recently that we are interested in. Each time we've went we have been touched - So we are praying about it, and praying for direction in that area. We more than ever realize how important it is to not only have a family day, but to go to church and learn as a family. I'm very excited about this!!! And so is Scott.

Training. We have up'd our training  tremendously. We have decided to do our first half marathon (13.1 miles). Together. WE are training 3-4 days a week. Our marathon is in November. We have already started looking at other ones that we can travel and make little vacations out of. New Orleans mardi gras marathon is in February so we are considering that one, since I have so many resources for stay, babysitting, etc.. This will all depend on Scott's job  and vacation time/schedule. So in the next few weeks I will start blogging regularly on our training, really more so to be able to look back and see my progress. Right now we are up to 6.1 miles being the most we've run so far. This coming weekend we're doing the Route 66 Quarter marathon, which is to help raise money for the big one in November. Scott will continue is training through the winter months and run the OKC full marathon (26.2) in April!!!! So proud of him! Thanks to everyone who have been so supportive and encouraging to us though this major goal (soon to be accomplishment). So many people can be  critical and negative with the things they say and not even realize they are doing it! I would rather someone say nothing to me, than someone tell me running is bad for me, or I'm crazy for doing something. I am very good at listening to my body. If i'm tired, I sleep, if I'm hungry I eat, if I know that I need to slow down or drink something I do it. It takes a certain amount of discipline and respect for your self to do these things, and I have that. If I become injured (as I am now!) I wait....  So maybe that doesn't make me a true, and hardcore athlete, but I'm not a hurt one. Anyways, we love seeing you at the finish lines (especially in the bigger races) and commenting on our work outs and PR's that we post. It means more than you could know! We have started training with the Runner's World team. Right now, we are only doing the Saturday morning long runs with the group. It's broken up in to pace groups so we run with 20 other people who run the same pace we do. It's great to have that kind of support all around you. And we run down town which is always fun to see all the different things, parks and houses down there in detail. I encourage ANYONE who is looking to train for ANYTHING to check out this website, there is not a single reason you shouldn't join. It is FREE! They have other training runs during the week nights. I'm personally waiting for cooler weather before we hit those up!

 On July 4th my puppy Suki got out of the yard. We believe she was scared of the fire works and jumped the fence. We haven't found her. :-(

This was a huge hole in our family. Our other pup, Jackson, was very sad and depressed with out her. With in a few days of Suki's disappearance I got a call from a great friend who had found a young boxer out at her mom's house and knew that he would need a great home. She called me first, knowing our given situation... I told her I'd keep him for a while to see how he did with the baby and Jackson, if nothing else I could foster him until we found him a great home. He's sleeping at my feet right now 3 weeks later. See how that worked out..... He's a great dog, very relaxed and calm. Just what we need for our family. We're high strung enough as it is! We decided to name him Brooks. (Yes like the running shoe) He's a great runner, and I like to take him with me sometimes on our shorter runs. He will have to build some stamina, he gets tired about mile 2! But over all a great companion and added member to our family.

  •  New Job
  • Church
  • Training
  • Puppy

Those are all pretty big changes! SO needless to say we are definitely trying to find our GROOVE.

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  1. Yaa!!! :) Good update!! :) what does Scott do now??