Monday, August 30, 2010

Why do you run?

This has been a question that I've been asked several times. And I've always fumbled to give a straight answer. As, I don't know exactly why I want to run. It's hard, it's hot, I get sore etc... So why do I run?

I realized Friday * immediately after I hit an all time PR!* as the intoxicating mixture of endorphins, and adrenaline rushed through my vains.... THIS is why I run! I run, to reach this level of "high". I literally chase after this rush. It doesn't happen with every run. You get done with a run and you either feel like, Oh, that was a good run, or dang, that sucks.... But every once in a while, whether in a race or not, you'll hit a goal (sometimes unexpectedly) and will have the wave of thrill all over again.

So there it is..  I like the high. For someone who isn't a runner, may not understand what this is. If you just work out to get your cardio in for the day, then you probably don't experience this much. That is why I have had a hard time explaining WHY i run!

There are other perks of course!

The networking. If you are a runner, new or old, you know that the running community is SO supportive, and friendly! I love meeting new runners, which a lot of times turn in to clients/friends, on a regular basis.

The health benefits. I had a baby. I had a goal to run the Tulsa Run. What I didn't have was the extra baby weight. I don't usually talk a ton about my weight or the size I am, but I will say that this will always be my plan post baby. I don't think there is anything else out there like it, for me. I'm no longer trying to shed weight ( actually have to add calories/protein in to my diet now) But I know that it does work! I don't know anything about diets and counting carbs and such. But I do know how to get those endorphins flowing, heart pumping!

The attire? This is something I didn't give much thought to until I started running with some of my friends (some who are in the "public eye") that you don't have to be a SLOB while working out or running. I've learned about running skirts, and cute (be-dazzled) running shirts and shoes. They are priced just the same as other running attire. I've learned that it's ok to dress cute while running! I figure, if you're spending a large amount of time in your running clothes, you might as well like the way they look. I've also learned at races, you take lots of pics! LOL. But I love buying new clothes and gear to run in, just like I buy other clothes.

Goals. Training is all about goals. I've always been a leisure jogger. But I've never really trained for anything until now. It's all about having certain goals, and reaching them on a weekly basis. If you make a check list of all the things you need to do around the house or work, and got them all completed each week, how would you feel?
Get those medals!
 I'm not a competitive person by nature, so I only really feel the need to beat my own best. I'm content with that. My husband on the other hand, different story! Lots of competition!  I'm not too big in to how fast I am compared to others. There will always be someone who runs at the same pace as you, and that's all I care about! lol!

Cheap therapy. I've learned that a 40 minute chatty jog with a girlfriend to blow off some steam does wonders!!!! and it's free. Or a 5 mile run with my favorite man in the world, to just talk about things, makes us feel a different, and deeper connection. Or a fast run by myself, lets me "run out some aggression"

A good cause. Every race supports something. Your money is donated to something. Race for the cure-breast cancer awareness, Memory walk-Alzheimer disease, Hunger run-keeping food in the bellies of babies, Bricktown Blaze-help to support amputees. Some runs may benefit the trails and parks of Tulsa, some may be for suicide prevention/education.... But you're running (or walking) for a cause!

So these are just a few reasons I love the sport. I understand it's not for everyone.  I know that not everyone is supportive of the sport. They think it's dangerous, or hard on your body and so on.... but if they understood a little of why a runner runs, maybe they would change their view of it. ( besides, I think that NO exercise is and can be harder on your body than any kind of exercise out there) We gotta take care of our bodies, our heart, our emotions, and our mind.... You just have to find what works for you!  So run, walk swim, bike your heart out.. Get your blood pumping, prove to yourself that you can check off some goals, that you and your loved ones are worth being healthy for! Because you are.

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