Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vacation does a marriage good.

About a week or so ago, my husband and I decided to take a vacay!.... with out our child.

We've done several small vacations, to Louisiana, Branson, Iowa, Kansas.. But we've taken the kiddo with us. We have had so many changes and loops in the past few weeks, that we took advantage of the opportunity to get away for a few days. Alone.  And did we EVER make the best of it!
We decided to do things that we wouldn't normally do, since we usually have the baby.

So. We did.
We had a BLAST! -- On a budget none the less --

We took of Thursday early morning and headed to Branson. We got a great deal with 2 nights stay, show tickets, and a nifty coupon book. We utilized that coupon book like no ones business! There were TONS of great deals in it. Along with great ideas for what to do.

We started out with a great lunch at a cute little cafe. And still had some time before check in, so we decided to stop by the winery for a tour and free tasting. This was a great experience. Just to see how all the wine is made.

We got some souvenir wine glasses from the Stone Hill Winery to take home. Had a lot of fun learning about the different kinds of wine.

We decided that same day that we wanted to go kayaking. We checked in our hotel, changed in to our swim suits and off we went. We got a double kayak and had a few hours out on the lake. It was so quiet and peaceful!

The next day we went for a VERY HILLY run! But again, it was a change of scenery and very peaceful.
We decided to dedicate this day to shopping, and relaxing by the pool...
We hit the outlets... and hit them hard! With our coupons we got tons of stuff for a great price!! With Scott starting a new job, he needed some new clothes. And since there was a nike outlet there, we decided to stock up on that stuff too. Especially winter running stuff. We found some things for the baby as well! We were sucessful at the shoe stores, Gap, Nike, Old Navy, Disney store, Rue 21, Reebok.... But not the coach store...I was a little dis-appointed at the selection. Of course all the things they have are gorgeous, but I didn't see anything I just absolutely LOVED for me. Except a diaper bag. Which I obviously do not need now! So I decided that it was worth it to just move on to another store and wait to get some coach things when there is something I really want!

We never made it to the pool. We literally shopped ALL day! When we got back to the hotel, we had to get ready for our show (and date!) that night. The Shanghai circus was amazing. We had great seats right in the front! But dinner first!!

Very entertaining acrobats... Very un-natural biologically... And our dinner at WASABI was wonderful of course.

On our final day of Branson, we wanted to hit the Ripley's believe it or Not museum. That was awesome, I think I could walk through there a million times and see something new and interesting each time!
This was my favorite.

But before we did that... we HAD to go to the DUNKIN DONUTS coffee shop!!! MMMM...
It was pretty much as amazing as I thought it would be. It was big enough to hold 20 people. And packed full, to where we had to wait outside in line. But we had some yummy donuts and fabulous coffee!!

When we got ready to leave, we were truly ready to come home. We had a very fun filled vacation, but we were ready to come home to our princess! She skyped us while we were there. But it sounds like she had a wonderful and spoiled rotten time with grandma. Thanks to my mom who came down for 3 days to stay at the house and watch her!

Of course she missed us too!
She had fun digging through the disney store bag, and trying on her new NIKE gear!!

A few RANDOM (scott )pics...

Anyways, I am grateful that we had the chance to do this! And it was perfect timing.

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