Monday, August 23, 2010

8 miles

Mile 1 - I think I can, I think I can..... I just want to stop. It's still hard to breath. I'm sleepy.
Mile 2- There is still time to turn around.
Mile 3- My endorphins are kicking in, my strides are getting longer.
Mile 4- I could go another 4
Mile 5- Are we approaching an hour?
Mile 6- Pop a sports bean for some energy.
Mile 7- Only a mile left.
Mile 8- Did I really just do that?

This is about my thought process on Saturday as I embarked on my 8 mile run for the very first time. I never thought I'd be running 8 miles. But I did it. And actually felt great. I picked up my pace from the last few long runs (since we were on flatter land!) and finished with a little "umph" left in me!
Scott woke up and decided he still was feeling sickly - so I struggled with myself on whether or not to go and meet up with the group to run with out him. It would have been the perfect excuse not to go. But I was looking forward to this one. It was a flat run, in my neck of the woods (Jenks). We've been having to drive down town and run the hills for the past few runs! - So I decided what the heck, I'll be brave and go alone. - which by the way is very un-like me!- It's closer too... No more excuses right? And I'm so glad I did. I feel like it was that much more of an accomplishment!!

A lot of the girls I run with are super runners. They talk about how they felt at mile 10, or mile 20, and that seems so LARGE to me. I can't grasp that just yet. So when I talk about running 8 miles for the first time I feel like it's such a small amount compared to what they are used to running. So for someone that fast, they do look at 8 miles as an easier run, b/c it doesn't take them very long to run it. But I have to remember that they once were running 8 miles at 11 minute miles.

I'm not one to really care an awful lot about my speed. I know as time goes on I'll get faster. And I do set my goals for races. But as far as every day runs, I just want to enjoy them. I don't want it to be hard every time I get out there. Or I wouldn't do it! There has to be a good balance! And maybe I'm just not the competitive type, but I try not to compare my numbers to anyone else. Just set my own personal goals, and meet them.

Why do you run?

Anyways, I just thought this was a big one, and wanted to remember it! I hope that any of you who are running/or training, are keeping some kind of notation of it. It's so amazing to look back to Febuary and March and see my progression!

I have several people asking me for my training schedule and everything. I love that, it means that someone was inspired, just as I was.

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