Thursday, August 5, 2010

couch potato babies


I get so many emails about the development of Anisten at each age she is at. So this week, I recieved an email from PAMPERS that has the mile markers and things we should do, or things that might be going on with her at each stage..

This particular article had several things in it that I  could relate to. Things we are dealing with, and some ways to deal with them.

One thing that caught my attention was a link to an article called "Empty Calories" I clicked on it thinking it was probably something related to healthy eating for toddlers or something. I read part of the article, and a few things really hit home with me.

This article talks about the effects of "eating meals while watching TV" 

Watching television during mealtimes is strongly related to obesity in both children and adults. So turn off the TV while you eat, and nip a potential bad habit in the bud. Meals are times for chatter, messy eating, and being part of a family. 

I couldn't agree more. It is part of being a family. It's something that has been taken away from our society all together. It's VERY important. It's their first experience with acceptance. Being part of a great family, and being surrounded by people who love them.

FYI: Not only do children who watch a lot of TV have a higher rate of obesity but they're also at risk for being in poor physical condition and having fewer friends. Now's the time to set things on a different path — no baby couch potatoes! 

Why would we want to increase their, already soaring high, chances of obesity, but also increase the chance that it may effect their social skills?

Now, I don't think there is anything wrong with a kid watching a movie with a healthy/portioned snack. But I think it's important to keep dinner time, family time.

I also think aside from that, it will create healthier eating habits. If we sit down and veg out, we are likely to eat more than we "need" since we are zoned out.

Something I've been trying to work on a little bit, is keeping food in the kitchen. We eat all of our meals at the table ( and in her high chair) and I try to keep snacks and drinks in the kitchen as well. Really so I wont have a huge mess to clean up. But I also don't want her walking around eating. I want her to have the discipline to sit down long enough to eat, and relax.

What are your thoughts on this article? Do you think it's still important to have dinner/family time with out the interuptions of the world? (( NO matter the size of your family, whether it be a single mother, or a family of 10)) Or is this a thing of the past, and it's "just not how things are done" anymore.


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  1. We eat dinner at the kitchen table, period. We all sit there until a majority of us are finished (usually DH and Caeden) and then they can be excused. :-) Everything gets turned off during that time, the dogs are put outside, and we eat and talk. I think it's really important - and I actually grew up in a family that almost never ate at the table.