Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm..... ME.

I'm a mother, a wife, a cook, a stylist, a housekeeper, a sister, a daughter, a friend.... Through out all of this, it's so easy to forget that I'm still    ME!

Being the observant person that I am, and from personal experience, I realize how easy it is to forget that you are you. You the same person that you were before you were married. Before that sweet baby arrived. Before that career that takes most of your time.  Before life went on and you grew up.

I can attest to the fact that having a kid will make you lose all identity. It's so easy to become so immersed in our day to day busy life, that we forget ourselves. We forget our needs, and our (gasps!) wants. Yes it's okay to want.

I just have to remind myself sometimes, that it is okay to take time for myself! I had to learn to find activities that I like to do for me. Not something I like to do because the baby likes it. There are PLENTY of activities that we will do that are kid friendly.

So just a little reminder to all you mommies out there ( or work-o-holics etc....) to take some YOU time. You deserve it. It's your chance to recharge and rejuvenate. Do the things that you enjoy to do, and are good at! We all have special talents and gifts that we were given.

I know that I don't want to be that mom who is always tired, grumpy, over-whelmed and unbearable to be around. I want to have the energy and excitement to do the things my daughter does and will want to do in the future. If this means just taking time to do something for me, like getting my nails done, or going to borders to get a coffee and blog, go shopping alone, or go for a run, then I will do it. I want to be the best ME  I can be for my loved ones!

There will be a time when my babies are out of the house, or I am retired and not working. What then? What will happen when I've spent my whole life placing my self-worth and entire existence in to being these things,and doing nothing for myself. I want to make sure I'm then healthy enough, and happy enough to move on to the next chapter of my life! I want to play ball with my grand-kids, and still be so in love with my husband that we can take 5 week vacations at a time, and still have so many things I love doing. I will then still be ME.

I know that when Anisten was very young, I just wanted to know that it was okay to take some time for myself. Even if it's just going to sit at starbucks with a book. I just wanted to hear that it's normal to want to be away from my baby, and that it's actually healthy.

Now.......... this blog may be misconstrued as " selfish " My child and husband are my #1 priorities! And they always will be. I'm not a neglectful mother or wife. I fulfill those duties to the best of my ability! But I am still working very hard to keep a sense of who I am. Who my core being is. Tapping in to those special talents, gifts, and desires that were placed in me. It's all about finding that healthy balance! Just like anything else.

What do (or have done) you do that helps with keeping your sanity, and your individuality as you balance all the aspects of life?

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  1. I like to work-out when I have "me" time.... corrected....I usually do not like working out. I like the results. I like the endorphins. I like feeling productive in the time I have by myself. I wish I could sit still long enough to read a book, but I know I would never be able to concentrate because of my mental to-do list. Some day I will I suppose....