Thursday, January 6, 2011

Realistic Resolutions-2011

So looking back at my 2010 Resolutions, I had mixed emotions... I felt great about achieving and exceeding many of them. And sad that  I just completely forgot some of them. So I'm going to try this again.

2011-It's going to be EPIC!

I feel like resolutions should be REALISTIC. I've learned in the last year of my life, that I must set attainable goals.

This year I only have a very few set of goals.

  • Read a book every other month. I know this seems pretty petty, and simple, but I have read maybe 2 books all the way through since Anisten has been born. I LOVE to read, and never take enough time to do it. I've already started working on this one. I'm almost done with my first book! - And no, it's not a running magazine!
  • Like last year, I'll be doing less Facebooking, and more blogging! I now have a total of 3 blogs. I have one for The hairdresser Kristen, and the Mommy Runner Kristen. So I have no reason not to have SOMETHING to yak about! It has been proven that blogging is very beneficial for me, and my mental state of being ;-) And besides that I'm so over FB and the "over FB'rs"  So usually around this time of year I take a little break from it. I will keep it up and running, b/c it is a great tool for my business. But I'll be checking a lot less.
  • I will be finishing my 2nd half marathon.The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon will be on May 1st. This gives me plenty of time to slowly train. I have a feeling this will be a VERY memorable one! 
  • Like last year I had intentions of setting 7 challenges for myself per month. This year, it will be 5. I will set them, and when I do
     So, there you have it, my baby set of goals!
      I really didn't have a lot on my mind for BIG PLANS TO CHANGE THE WORLD. But I have tried to learn that change and growth have to be a part of every day life. Let's not wait to make it a "new years resolution" ... why not start, N O W.

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